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Review: Movavi Video Bundle- Super Bundle

Only a handful of good video software for MAC users are available online. The ones available have a very sophisticated interface and require high level of training even to edit a simple video. Movavi video converter for MAC comes as a one step solution to all such issues. Now you can capture any on screen activity going on in your MAC computer with just a click of a button. Why would a person want to capture screen activities? The reasons are many. People try to make video tutorials coaching others on how to use specific software. Skype calls on interviews or important meetings can be recorded.

Video games can be saved at specific points to create amazing videos or screen backgrounds. Now all this can be done easily with the Movavi video converter for MAC.

The 4 Features of the Super Bundle

Movavi super bundle video software for MAC has four impressive features all packed together. A video converter, on screen capture software, a video editor and a media player all come together in this supersaver bundle. The video converter will allow you to transfer an MP3 or a MP4 video into

numerous formats compatible with several devices in the markets like handy cams, high end TVs, Smartphone’s and tablets. The media player will allow you to do the same with audio. The video editor can be used for making various gimmicks with simple button clicks. The screen capture facility will help you keep a tab on your normal activities making tracking them much easier. This facility is very handy if you are learning to use new software or working to edit a particular file. Various stages of a particular action can be recorded for further reference.

Impressive Audio and Presets

Movavi video software for MAC allows you to convert the video files into rare video formats like MKV, MOV and familiar formats like AVI, MP4 and FLV easily. The video in your MAC can be edited easily without the need for complex re-encoding. They can be trimmed, mixed with a totally different audio or animated with extra features without damaging their original resolution. And the best part is the edited video can be transformed to various devices just by selecting their name instead of meddling with the formats compatible to the devices. For example, if you want to transfer an edited video from your MAC to your Samsung Galaxy notebook, just select its name. The format of the video will automatically change to fix the Smartphone’s inbuilt video player without losing its resolution.

Movavi video player allows you to convert audio into nearly 40 different formats. The speed of this video software for MAC is amazing. You can convert the audio or video files from one format to another within a blink of the eye. The presets nearly cut your work into half. Nearly 8 million people worldwide use this converter on a daily basis. Join their long line of satisfied customer sand make your video editing tasks a breeze. Start creating amazing graphics like a pro with this exclusive software.

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