Focus: Now on DVD & Blu-Ray

Manipulating human emotions is an art form perfected by con artists. The Will Smith starrer – Focus, released earlier this year, takes us through the perspective of con artists when the tables are turned. Now out on DVD & Blu-Ray by Sony DADC, it’s available for everyone to grab. We managed to get a copy for ourselves. Here’s our verdict.

Focus essentially presents the high emotional tension existing between two of the best cons in town and what adds more to the emotional drama is the past history where Nicky had perfected Jess’ skills. Things heat up when they meet again with the same target for different reasons. Do they strip the mask of deceit in the face of love or do they remain individuals with memories presenting innumerable permutations of what could have been?


Focus begins with Jess trying to con the expert Nicky where she fails miserably breaking the con. Being a novice in a field that requires precision and accuracy along with perfect skills of manipulation, Nicky seems to be the absolute role model for being her teacher. Thus begins the internship, with Jess taking in everything that he teaches her. Jess rises exponentially from being a learner to his eventual accomplice.

Personal barriers disengage and the road seems set for a romantic journey. Nicky, after the ultimate con of the season, leaves her with nothing but her share of the heist. Jess then decides to take flight to set out on her own journey as a freelance con. Three years pass by before they meet again. Nicky has begun to work on a contract for Mr. Garriga. Mr.Garriga is the owner of a company that leases out cars for racing. What keeps him on top is the EXR that is a special fuel ratio algorithm specially designed by his engineers. Others, especially McLaren would stop at nothing to get access to it. Nicky promises Garriga that he would ensure his victory by leading McLaren into believing that he has obtained the technology through Nicky who would pose as a disgruntled engineer of Garriga’s team. It is when everything seems to go as planned he discovers Jess has now become Garriga’s girlfriend. What ensues is a love triangle with Nicky trying to get back with Jess. Things take a dangerous turnwhen Jess wants to get back with Nicky. Dump the guy and get back with Nicky? Well life is never that easy, is it?

Nicky has a job to finish and their past needs to be kept under wraps from Garriga. Nicky executes the plan, but being a con his plans do not exactly follow the rulebook. What follows is some high voltage drama as every character puts up his defence to protect their turf from each other.


Focus is an entertaining one time watch. The storyline is satisfactory although I couldn’t get past the loohope  Nicky had to leave Jess in the first place. The plot has a good pace with the required twists and turns. It keeps you glued to your seats till the movie ends but does it encapsulate in your memory is a different question all together. If you have a lot of time in your hands it is definitely worth a watch.