Zophop for Android: Impressive

Consider an app which can potentially add extra time to your life. I’m speaking in terms of productivity, of course. 

It took Vasco Da Gama an entire year to reach India. Christopher Columbus took 3 months to complete his voyage from Spain to San Salvador. Well, they had all the time in the world and were paid to travel! But the modern day Columbus has his own issues to deal with. A middle aged man with a bag hanging by his shoulder, is travelling to reach office on time. A gentleman boarding the local train, heading for his interview. A girl boarding a local bus with all her friends, to reach college on time. They aren’t Da Gama or Columbus. They don’t have all the time in the world. What they could have though, is Zophop. A relatively fresh entrant to the industry, Zophop gives provides live and accurate timings of Buses, Trains, Metro, Monorail and available Cab Services in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kolkata and Pune. What else could these modern day Columbuses and Da gamas could’ve asked for!

Such simplicity. Much Wow

On first impressions, Zophop is a must-have app for the modern day metro city traveller. If you don’t have time to stand in the que and ask the train guys, pick up your phone, and download Zophop. If you’re late for college, pick up the phone, and download Zophop. If you’ve boarded the metro, and can’t tell your friends when will you reach your rendezvous point, pick up the phone, and download Zophop. Zophop has a special feature, called the Check-in. Using the Check-in, you can have a look at the Live-trips taking place in the Near You section. Also, the Check-in gives you Estimated Time of Arrival(ETA) to your destination, along with voice alerts of next stop updates. This makes you updated with all possible local travelling options near you and thereby your time. The next time you are late to the office, you may share your live bus/train journey with your boss, He won’t have reason to yell.

We all have had those moments when we wonder if we should take a certain route or leave at a certain time to make it someplace important. Again, Zophop is a must-have app for all modern day Columbuses. And it comes to your rescue in these dire moments as you just have to Tap, Select and Compare the routes as per your convenience! The sheer amount of time saved (and therefore, increase in productivity) is obvious for evreyone to see. Select, and commute! That’s not all, the ETA lets you know for the closest Uber and request a ride. Cab aggregator integration? Impressive. If you are facing even more time crunch, worry not, as the Take me Somewhere option helps you know the cheapest and fastest route between two places and Check Schedules gives you departure timings, routes and fares. Once you know the route, you can mark your favorite ones too.


The simplicity of the app may put you in awe, as the Engineers form IIT Delhi and designers from NIFT have worked day in and day out to create Zophop, the modern day assistant to the modern day Columbuses!

Wondering, where did you earn 2 extra days? Well, an average Indian travels for 90 minutes a day. And with Zophop, I’m going to estimate you save 10 minutes a day. Do the math for a whole year, and you’re totalling 60 hours a year! That’s more than 2 days, yes. We recommend!