The Future of Casinos

We humans are always looking to evolve. Be it any tool or appliance, we try our best to do the task required in the fastest, cheapest, and also the easiest way possible. Take, for instance, transportation. Initially, people used to walk from place to place, then came animal riding, then cycles, cars, trains, airplanes and so on and so forth. Soon, we’ll head to Mars. The same goes with all the entertainment and enjoyment means we utilize.

Gambling was one of the earliest ways of having fun. It’s not just fun and games, though, it’s a means to make easy money in a very short span of time. The concept is easy; place your money forward, try your luck; if you win, all the money others have staked is yours; including that which you threw in. If you lose, well, you get the scent.


To make gambling easier, casinos were built by bringing together many gamblers to one place. Think of casinos, and only one place pops into everyone’s minds:  Las Vegas, Nevada (where incidentally, Tesla Motor’s Gigafactory will be built).  The place is home to some of the most famous casinos in the world. It is a gambling centre for many and has been the casino house for quite a long time.

But as we are humans, obviously, we try to evolve. Who wants to go to a place physically using physical energy and waste those precious calories gained? No one! So how is this problem being solved? The answer is within your fingertips. A smartphone!


The New Age of Gambling

Smartphones have definitely made life easier. Thanks to the tons of features they have to offer. From maintaining bank accounts to booking air tickets, we use our smartphones for almost everything. As technology is evolving, so is the smartphone’s usability.

Smartphones these days are getting more secure than ever. We can be sure that our transactions will be safe without really worrying about it. And there lies the answer to our initial question. E-Gambling.

There are numerous smartphone applications already that allow users to gamble and stake their money online. So be it at an office or a bedroom, people can now gamble virtually anywhere they physically are. And they can also be sure they won’t be robbed off their money, as smartphones are secure enough and the most famous of smartphone applications which allow gambling will never do it either.

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The next stage in gambling lies in smartphones. Casinos may soon have to face hard times as a consequence but the human tendency to evolve will be alive and kicking.