What Necessitates Android Parental Controls?

Android Parental Controls is one hot topic of discussion among parents and teachers both. They are talking about the subject over the internet, on TV shows in parent-teacher meetings and almost everywhere but why? What are the factors that have shaken the parenting community and other mentors of our social sphere to talk about it? Here are the reasons explained!


The extended popularity of Android Smartphone:

The popularity of Android smartphones is increasing every passing day among teens and preteens. The major reason is the affordability of smart features that makes these phones the prior choice of every other individual. According to an estimate, the number of Android users has topped 1 Billion figure this April.

Use of Android Smartphone at early age:

Because of the affordability factor, parents agree to buy their preteen and teens a smartphone at an early age without considering the need and use of it. Teens and preteens with their immature mids then use the device their way and most of the times come in contact with the stranger-danger.

The range of inappropriate apps available in Android Stores:

Did you ever analyze the range of apps published on the Android App store? There are available many apps that are not meant for your kids, but they get access to these apps without any restriction. This particular reason contributes a great deal in the need of Android parental controls.

Easy Accessibility of Internet on Android Phones

Again, using the Android smartphones, kids approach the content available on the internet. We see pornography and other inappropriate information quite often there and teen’s one glance over the information may hook their attention and they may start searching about it on their own.


Practicality of Android Parental Controls

Android parental controls are the solution to all of the problems mentioned-above. There are apps developed to empower parents. With any feature -rich parental control app such as FamilyTime, parents can take control over their teen’s device usage while doing a number of other monitoring acts such as: 

  • Keeping an eye on their kids’ browsing history along with the date and time stamps for each URL.
  • Viewing their bookmarks and favorites.
  • Monitoring call logs to check the caller and the call details.
  • Mirroring contacts to view every contact saved in their kid’s phone with the listed details.
  • Watchlisting contacts to get instant alerts whenever the call is dialed or received.
  • Checking all of the apps installed on their phone and see the nature of the app, its version and the date of installation.
  • Blocking questionable apps & games.
  • Tracing location history to stay in the know their whereabouts.
  • Adding specific places to Places list to get alerts when their kids enter or exit those places. 
  • Receive SOS alerts in case of emergency from the kids with location details.
  • Receive PickMeUp alerts from your children and stay informed when it’s time to pick them up.
  • Locking their screen at any time to restrict the use of their smartphones. 

Want to get the Android parental controls on your phone, download the app today from Google Play or from the button given below and to help your teen enjoy their Android smartphone is the secure environment: