Gadgets Skins & Case You Should Check Out

Smartphone accessories have really taken off. They’ve come a long way from being simplistic add-ons to protect your device, to the fashion statement that they are today. There are thousands for every device out there – and selecting a case is fast turning into as vital a decision as selecting the smartphone itself.

There are multiple firms that have jumped on the bandwagon to get customers the cases & skins they want. One of them in Skin4Gadgets.

Skin4Gadgets offers customized skin decals for the most popular cell phones, including the Apple iPhone skins, Blackberry skins and Android skins, Along with the hottest MP3 Players & Laptops, including covers for the following Apple Mac book Decals, Apple Mac book Pro Decals, Dell Decals, HP Decals.

Founded in January this year, the firm has multiple USPs, making it stand out in this already crowded space.

  • Unlike other manufacturers, Skin4Gadgets provides skins for laptops based on their model, and not just generic size based designs – the ones we commonly see advertised as 11inch/13inch etc
  • Skin4Gadgets has also bagged the rights of official merchandise of Universal Music artists in electronics accessories categories. It is so far the only company in India to lay its hands on these rights.
  • Billions of dollars worth of paintings available on their website, featuring the top 100 paintings renowned worldwide.
  • We’ve stressed on their size independence already – but Skin4Gadgets also offers split panel canvas and a staggering amount of variety in size options.

Of course, with such a large collection of merchandise, you’d probably think you won’t ever find the ‘perfect’ case or skin for you. But that’s taken care of as well – the firm has uploaded its inventory – the size of 1 million items, on to – making it by far the largest individual seller on the marketplace.

That just about sorts out everything. Great cases, no size issues, and all of it easily searchable through the most popular e-retailers.

I suggest you get yourself a case.