Why Linear Actuators Have Become So Popular

The conversion of energy into motion requires the usage of actuators which typically use electric current, hydraulic fluid pressure or pneumatic pressure as its source of power. Linear actuators converts rotational motion into linear motion in contrary to the circular motion of a conventional electric motor. The use of electric linear actuators, AC or DC power as source of power to run an electric motor, are the most preferred choice due to their advantages and also by far the most predominant compared to other actuators.

Modern offices are now embracing the use of linear motion technologies to ensure there are proper designs that result in a good working environment. This is because linear actuators provide accurate motion control for repeated movement and controlled precision movement thus, providing a safe, quiet, and clean movement inside company offices. They are used in synchronizing the load, positions, or the nature of the motion with other machine operations. The electrical power source is easily controllable and can be reprogrammed or be configured to handle multiple loads. It is easy to route electrical current through linear actuators and they use energy efficiently and have little maintenance with a long lifetime.
Linear actuators are also used in controlled acceleration movements. It is possible to control the rate of acceleration because it is possible to control precise position, speed, and torque using a linear actuator making it accelerate or decelerate as fast and as frequently as needed. Linear actuators have the ability to adapt to a particular need providing solutions that are well-functioning which are applied in many different aspects for a wide range of applications and products.

Lastly, the anticipation of cost factors of using linear actuators cost far less than other actuators. Through the evaluation of the costs and benefits of the motion control system, the devices maximize the benefits with reduced cost.