How to Record Sound On Mac Using Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Do you want to record the sounds that are coming from your Mac that you’re listening to using your speakers? Needless to say if you were able to record that you could save any music that you happened across and liked, or record the audio from Skype calls, or even save part of a game or movie soundtrack.

Assuming you’re interested in something like that then the one thing you need is Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac. Despite the fact that its name suggests that it is a software for recording your screen (which it is), it also can be used to record any audio that comes from your Mac – since it also features the Movavi Sound Grabber built in.

How To Record Sound Using Movavi Screen Capture

To set up Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac so that it is able to record audio on Mac all you need to do is:

  1. Launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac.
  2. Find the ‘speaker’ icon and click on it so that a green tick appears if you want to record audio directly from your Mac (you can also set the ‘microphone’ icon to record as well if you want to record audio from it too).
  3. Set the frame on your screen to encompass the area that you want to record assuming you want to record video footage to accompany the audio – or ignore it otherwise.
  4. Click ‘REC’ to start the recording and then ‘Stop’ when it is done.
  5. Open the ‘Save as’ list and select a preset for audio under the ‘Video and audio’ section (or use a video format if you want to save it as a video).
  6. Click ‘Save’.

It may be a good idea to utilize some of the editing features in Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac before you save the audio that you recorded. Although some of its features are oriented solely towards video and will let you enhance its quality, insert animated transitions, or add audio tracks to videos – others such as its ability to cut and join segments of video can be applied to audio as well.

Because of how user-friendly and intuitive Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac is, it won’t take you much more than a couple of minutes to figure out how its features work. Once you do you should have no problem not only recording sound from your Mac – but also tweaking it, and maybe even adding it to a video.