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Before I Fall (2017): Out Now on Sony DADC & Blu-Ray

Director Ry Russo Young has given a groovy touch to Before I Fall, making it one of the best movies from the year 2017. Now out on DVD and Blu-Ray by Sony DADC, we reviewed it for you.


Before I Fall revolves around Samantha Kingston(Zoey Deutch), a poppy high-school girl with her mischievous friends Lindsay, Rob and Ally. All tangled in a crazy flourishing relationship, but suddenly her life takes a twist. She gets a glimpse of illusions at certain points in time, and relives the same day over and over again. To make her overcome the blunder she had caused as she starts to unfold the secret-mystery of her life suddenly derailed, she must also unwrap all the secrets of the folks closer her, and to determine how much a day can mean to her life.

The action culminates at a rainy-night with a party held at Kent’s house, where matters go from bad to worse before becoming truly tragic as Rob (Sam’s Bae) get drunk and a girly spat between Lindsay and Juliet take to turn a horrific tragedy. Suddenly Sam wakes up—same time, same day, same song—again. And again. And again. At first, she takes it as if she had a dream but then she and her friends stay away from the party and avoid having the accident. But she still must repeat the day.

However, it will eventually dawn on Sam that maybe she needs to look outside herself and make some tweaks in her interactions with others, including her parents, sister, friends and those she has treated indifferently or even bullied.She grows furious over the repetitive events going on and gets, moody neither of it help her though and soon realizes that maybe she needs to look outside herself and make some tweaks in her interactions with others i.e. all her world.


However, in the movie Before I Fall , the repeating loops have not been clearly explained but with the pure innocence of the Zoey Deutch, there is some justice to the movie, and a clearly defined bond between all the friends also with efficient dialogue delivery, I would like it to rate it on the following basis:

Storyline: 3/5

Plot: 3/5

Screenplay: 4.5/5

Acting: 3/5

Characters: 3/5

Direction: 3.5/5

Dialogue: 4/5

Cinematography: 3.5/5


The DVD is out now by Sony DADC. The movie DVD comes with short making video of the film and with access to select particular scenes with subtitles in English. It’s also shipping with Dolby Stero sound.