An Ode to the Rocket Man – Elon Musk

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Elon Musk probably holds a unique position in the evolution of our civilization. What Musk  has accomplished so far is nothing short of marvellous – even if he, as he will probably himself admit, is still a while away from accomplishing the goals he has set for himself. The amount of influence he wields is certainly enourmous – he’s inspired characters such as Tony Stark in the iconic Marvel superhero blockbuster movie series, Iron Man, and is gearing his each and every move in order to make the world and beyond, a better place to live in. Let’s skip his ongoing Twitter controversies for now and focus on the good stuff.

The legacy of this rocket man has captivated minds all over the planet. The stock market cannot stop talking about him, and there’s plenty of young geeks who consider him an icon to look up to. Elon Musk is yet another coder to have been able to seize quite a few distinctive moments in this era of technology and information. He happens to be the co-founder of PayPal, a household name today. Musk also is the co-founder of Tesla, one of the world’s leading automotive brands (well, not by production numbers), that has positioned itself at the helm of the electric revolution which the automobile sector seems to be picking up on rather gradually. His vision to embarrass petrol and diesel-run cars has lead Musk to crafting some of the finest electrical vehicles. The next-gen Roadster, which as announced recently, shall become the fastest pair of wheels on road once launched. And it’ll be electric! Was this possible even a decade ago?

Chris Anderson interviews Elon Musk at TED2017 – The Future You, April 24-28, 2017, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Musk has also founded SpaceX, which does not deal with much that exists on Earth. Its aim is in fact, far beyond our big blue planet. Musk envisions the human race to not be a civilization which exists on a single planet. Rather, he would have human beings transform and evolve into being a multi-planetary species. This is merely one of the many different projects which SpaceX has their fingers dipped in. The rocket revolution is another field which is being spearheaded by the genius mind of Musk. His irritation at the exorbitant costs of rockets, meant to be used one time has lead him to innovate rockets which can launch and land, ready for reuse. Revolutions such as this shall immensely better the costly business of rocket launching, making things seem cost-efficient.

His work does not stop here. The man is one of the leading figures when it comes to tackling global warming and climate change. To make his mark, he created some of the finest solar panels which are not only affordable, but can be fitted by the average household. Forget about paying for electricity bills once you have installed one of Musk’s wonders at your home and also, ensure doing your bit towards saving the world from plummeting into absolute catastrophe.

Musk’s achievements, so far, make for an extremely vast list. The man has certainly made a significant impact on the world, but claims to be nowhere close to fulfilling his legacy. Even critics will concede, the level of innovation which Musk delivers is refreshing to say the least. 

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