7 Science Shows on YouTube You Should Subscribe to Today

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YouTube might be the gathering spot of cat videos and funny fail compilations, but it’s also a place of discovery and learning to many people. Ingenious science channels are making science cool again by presenting it in creative and entertaining ways on the platform. Here are the top seven science channels everyone should subscribe to right now.

These channels cover a bit of everything, from astronomy and physics to biology and chemistry. They do a beautiful job of taking difficult topics and explaining them in a way that’s accessible to the general public. And each channel also has a unique way of presenting science facts, whether it’s via explanations, experiments, or animated videos.

What all of them have in common, though, is a love for all things science-related and the ability to explain things in a way that’s approachable and fun.

1. VSauce

VSauce host Michael Stevens tackles big theoretical questions like “what would happen if the sun disappeared?” and explains the science behind them. His easy to understand examples and laidback conversational tone makes this channel and its topics accessible to anyone. His videos are often thought-provoking and cover topics such as physics, math, and human psychology.

This is a great channel for those who are interested in learning more about complex concepts from an engaging host.

2. Gross Science

From icky creepy crawlies to slimy and disgusting anatomy – host Anna Rothschild doesn’t shy away from any topic. While most of these videos might make their watchers go “eww” every couple of minutes, they’re presented in a very captivating way.

Learning more about big concepts like physics might be exciting, but these small and wonderful details have a charm of their own.

3. MinutePhysics

There isn’t always time to sit down for an hour-long video on how something works, even if it is interesting. MinutePhysics tackles that problem by providing mini videos with bite-sized chunks of info that condense concepts into two-minute explanations. The channel does a great job of explaining complex ideas with the help of hand-drawn doodles.


This is another channel that likes to use drawn animations to break down the finer points of fascinating topics like “What if humans disappeared?”. Hosts Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown’s trademark kinetic typography and simple explanations make learning easier than ever before. 

The channel does such a good job of explaining difficult concepts that even those who are new to science will understand.

5. Smarter Every Day

Aerospace engineer Destin Sandlin has a delightfully curious assortment of videos that tackle everything and anything he fancies. The topics range from burning astronaut pee (seriously) to underwater lasers.

His videos follow a more casual vlog style where he either talks about science, explains something via an animation, or does experiments. He’s usually also the guinea pig in those experiments, which makes for an exciting watch!

6. SciShow 

Hank Green from Vlogbrothers launched the SciShow channel to talk about pretty much anything that piques his team’s scientific curiosity. From how plants tell time to whether a hot drink can cool people down. These videos are excellently edited with plenty of cool graphics and animations.

7. Periodic Videos

This channel’s name pretty much gives it away –  it’s all about chemistry. Periodic videos started out with takes on each element of the periodic table. It has since evolved into a channel that covers a wide range of chemistry and other scientific content.

There are also various experiments that illustrate how chemicals interact with certain things. Like a can of Coke in liquid nitrogen or what hydrochloric acid does to a McDonald’s burger.

Youtube Restriction Workarounds

Those with problems getting access to the content on these channels may want to look into getting a YouTube proxy. For various reasons, YouTube or certain YT channels are often restricted in many countries, workplaces or schools; resulting in a lot of people missing out on great content. Proxies assist by letting people trick YouTube into thinking they’re watching from somewhere else. Just make sure you get a secure, encrypted proxy – it’s not worth risking a cyberattack for the sake of saving a buck.

Despite that somewhat sour note, make sure to check out some of these awesome channels and learn more about our great big world!

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