Top 5 Earphones You Should Consider

Music is what pierces your soul and makes your world dance to the sound of its beat. Music is in everything- in the rhythm of your heart, in the tapping of your feet, in the swaying of the trees. It turns every sound in a symphony and gives you the strength to express what your words can’t. But what good is music without the right earphones? The cheaper regular ones simply do not do justice to the music we listen to. What we need, are a better, superior set of earphones.

We bring to you a list of top 5 earphones to play the music loud. Loud enough to stir your soul and give wings to your “Imagination”.


#1 – Bose SIE2i

Inseparable from music? Need it when you’re out jogging, on the field in the rain or sweating it out on a treadmill? Then the Bose SIE2i is for you. These noise isolating earphones are similar to earbuds. They have amazing voice clarity yet do not make your ears feel blocked allowing sufficient air flow into the ear canal. These light earphones with a solid build are sweat resistant and also have a microphone. A Reebok branded armband is free with the appealing SIE2i. Not meant for iPhone 5 and the latest iPhone Touch, this armband will however work easily with the other iPhones  ,smart phones, MP3 players and other portable devices.

Price : $ 149.95


#2 – Shure SE425

With exceptionally nice audio quality and detachable cables, the Shure SE425 should be your first choice if you’re a rock music lover and into upbeat songs. The bass kicks in at all the right times making the drum beats, guitar strings sound even more enjoyable. Shutting out all the outside noises and distractions, all you can hear is music. These earphones have an added advantage : the detachable cords. If the cord breaks (which definitely will because of the way we handle our earphones) all you need to do is replace them for lesser money than buying a new set of earphones. This attractive feature makes Shure different from the spate of earphones known to us.

Price: $ 299.00


#3 – Bowers and Wilkins C5

The makers behind Bowers and Wilkins have done an appreciable job when it comes to the ‘Secure-Loop’ design of the B and C and outstanding sound and bass quality. Fitting securely and comfortably inside your ears, the design of the B and C makes sure that the earphones fit properly inside your ear.  The loop is adjustable and these earphones also are superb in isolating the outside distractions. Coming with good, natural and clear sound along with a keen bass, the Bowers and Wilkins C5 is definitely worth its price.

Price : $ 198.99


#4 -Klipsch Image S4i II

With an oval ear tip design and more durability, another attractive feature of the Klipsh S4i II is the tangle resistant flat cord. The oval ear tip design outperforms the traditional designs and offers amazing comfort and secure fit, making these earphones suitable for long-term wear. With award winning acoustics and excellent frequency range, the Klipsch S4i II gives you a well balanced sound and appreciable noise isolation. However if you’re a bass lover, these could bring a bit of disappointment to you. Perfect to bring the concert experience live to you, these earphones have a slightly restrained bass. Other than that, these earphones do perfect justice to the sound quality and vocal clarity.

Price: $ 83.49


#5 – Sony XBA-4

With a fascinating design and mindblowing sound, the Sony XBA series blocks sound both in and out of your ear. This means you can enjoy your music without getting distracted by the outside voices and noise and without annoying or disturbing your parents or friends! They lock the sound of your tracks inside your ear thus preventing sound leakage. Enjoy the rich quality of your sound tracks with the XBA-4 which gives you fantastic comfort and fits snugly and perfectly inside your ears. If they fit your budget, all music lovers go for it!
Price: $ 348.00