How To Fix The Google Play Store “Download Pending” Error

The Google Play Store can turn into quite a problematic service at times. While it remains our window to millions of apps, many of which we love, it’s also often a frustrating experience when it decides to stop working for no apparent reason. There’s the Play Store Error 910, or the ‘download pending’ error, for example – is one that’s much more common amongst users than we’d like it to be. Apps install don’t complete, and we get either an always downloading progress bar, or simply a ‘download pending’ error. With no native alternate built into Android, we’re left with no option but to somehow troubleshoot and hope it’s back up and running again.

The download pending error occurs when you initiate a download on the Play Store, and but it does not complete. Instead, you see this error with an option to cancel the download. Of course, this is better than having the entire Play Store disappears off your phone (you can restore google play store using this guide, though). Anyway, here are the common fixes to the notorious Play Store download pending error .

Check current downloads and updates

  • Go to your phone’s Settings and open your Application Manager/Apps
  • Locate the Google Play Store in the list of apps
  • Tap on Force Stop and clear the Cache or Data
    Note: For some phones, you have to select Storage to be able to see Data & Cache
  • Check your storage and SD card
  • If you didn’t but you still suspect it might be causing the problem, check it manually by going to Settings > Storage.
  • Free up some space by uninstalling unused apps or deleting old photos and videos that you have backed up elsewhere.
  • You can then attempt your download once again.

Restarting your Phone

Restarting the phone will refresh its RAM by removing all the temporary data stored for your Google Play Store, which includes the updates or the stuck downloading files. You can restart your phone by selecting Power Off option and then turning ON phone again or just selecting the Restart option. After restarting your device, go check if you can download or update apps now.

Disable Auto Updates and Stop Pending Installations

Mostly one or more applications will be stuck if auto updates are ON for your Google Play Store and stopping that will let the others update. You can also stop all updates in the library and start updating application individually without any problem. A better option is to tick the “Don’t auto-update apps” so you never get this error in the future.

  • Open the Play Store and press the Settings Bar in the upper left corner of the screen or just swap right
  • Scroll down, go to the Settings.
  • Tap on Auto-update apps option and select Do not auto-update apps
  • Again go through the Settings Bar and this time select My Apps & Games
  • Try updating the apps manually, but if it doesn’t work stop all the updates
  • Go to the second tab – INSTALLED – and check there. Some downloads may be pending and will be stuck .
  • Cancel those stuck applications and then try updating and downloading the app again.