How To Change Facebook Page Name

How to change Facebook Page name is a commonly asked among Facebook users. But not all Facebook pages can be changed. There are many pages that restrict users to change the Facebook page name. However, there are other Facebook pages as well that comes with the freedom to change the name. With the recent updates, Facebook has allowed users to change certain kinds of Facebook page’s names.

How to Change the Facebook Name?

Here are the simple steps that will indicate you in simple terms. Just follow then word to word and you will be able to successfully change your Facebook business page name.

Step1: Click Edit

The very first step is to tap into the admin mode and visits the page you want to change the name. Look carefully at the left column, you will be able to see many options related to the page. In those options, you will be able to see an “about ” option.

After clicking the About option, a new set of the option will appear on the screen. Look for the edit option and then click it.

Step 2: Type It

After clicking the edit option, the page name will appear. Once you have clicked on the account name box, the page will allow you to change the name. Write the new name that you wanted to change to.

While changing your old Facebook page name, make sure that the new Facebook page name follows the following rules and regulations.

  • There should be no variation of the name “Facebook” in your new Facebook pages’ name.
  • Restrict yourself from using your company slogan name on the new Facebook page name.
  • Use proper words to make your Facebook page look normal.
  • Be specific with your naming sense.
  • Don’t use words that can mislead the audience.
  • Finally, don’t choose words that discriminate against people, have an abusive tone or hurt anyone’s emotions.

Step 3: Submit the Settings

Once you are all set with your new name, you just have to click on the continue button. But if you find that there is no such button saying Continue. Then double-check the page setting to see whether you are page admin or not. In addition, other page rolls are unable to change the Facebook page names. To change the page roll name, you just have to visit the settings and look for the page roll option.

Now once you have checked that you are the admin or not, try to find the Continue button. Even after being an admin, you are not allowed to change the name then that means the name has been changed recently. 

However, there are no limits to how many times you can change the name of the Facebook page, it is just that two simultaneous changes need to have a gap of at least 7 days.

Step 4: Patiently wait

After clicking on the continue button, the changes will be seen. Sometimes it takes more than a few minutes for Facebook to go through with the changes. You just have to patiently wait for the change to occur.

But if the change is taking a couple of days to change the page name then it is advisable that you reach out to Facebook.

If the above method does not work

Even after doing the changes step by step, the changes do not occur. That means you are making the following mistakes.

  • You didn’t wait long enough

It takes usually more than 3 business days for Facebook to review your pages and accept the changes you have made. So, after the change, you have to wait patiently for a couple of days.

  • Your page has been flagged

If even after waiting for a couple of days, changes do not occur then there are possibilities that your Facebook pages have been flagged for not following Facebook policies. Remember that Facebook is extra cautious about spammy content or suspicious tactics to increase likes. If your page is caught in any of the activity Facebook might flag your Facebook page.

  • When you are not the admin

There are certain rules for changing the name of the Facebook page. Yes, if you have been given authority to change the name of the page even after not being an admin, you can surely do so. However, if the number of pages increases over 200, then only the admin can change the Facebook page name.

  • Your pages have limitations

Not all the limitations are bad. Suppose there are two admins of the single Facebook page and both admins are changing the name of the page regularly. Facebook may see this activity as a suspicious activity and may flag your page. So, if you see the limitation in this perspective then having a 7 days cool downtime for two continuous changes is acceptable.


If you want to take my words, then it will be better to name the page in a manner that will never need any further changes. And if you are confident about your Facebook page following every policy of Facebook then rest assured you will soon be refreshed.