Still On The Edge About Getting An Authoring Tool? Here Are 4 Reasons You Should Get One ASAP

Employee training has come a long way in the recent years. Having evolved from mandatory and boring compliance training sessions, modern employee training is both immersive and diverse. As a result, it has emerged as one of the most pressing considerations for employees when they consider joining/leaving an organisation.

Hence, it is important for organisations to offer a delightful training experience if they want to attract top talent. With that said, designing a delightful training experience is no easy task. 

One of the key aspects of delivering a great training experience is having great training content. Traditionally, developing quality training content was a skill-intensive task that was limited to instructional designers. As a result, businesses had to either hire their own instructional designers or outsource the training content development.

However, both those solutions require some serious investment. Thanks to this, many smaller businesses were limited to using off the shelf training content.

Recently, things have changed. With the rise of authoring tools, even smaller businesses with limited resources and budgets can put together engaging, professional-quality training content.

The best part is, the benefits of elearning authoring tools are not limited to smaller businesses. A great authoring software can benefit businesses of all shapes and sizes.

With that said, many are still apprehensive about investing in an authoring tool. If you are one of them, keep reading, the following benefits offered by these tools are bound to change your mind:

Seamless Collaboration For Your L&D Team

Modern authoring tools come loaded with capabilities and features that allow them to support all stages and aspect of the training content development process. From writing to designing to creating branching scenarios, and everything in between, an authoring tool takes is the one tool that will help your team create a complete product.

This eliminates the hassles of converting different material to suit the format compatibilities of different tools. Thanks to this, it is easier for the members of your learning and development (L&D) team to effectively and efficiently collaborate to create a great course curriculum.

Reduce Elearning Developing Time

Elearning authoring tools come loaded with templates, themes, and designs that can be easily integrated in your course design. These features are designed to reduce the effort and time that goes into creating or gathering material that is required to create interactivities and branching scenarios.

In other words, an authoring tool lets you create an interactive learning experience while reducing the overall development time.

Reduce E-learning Development Cost

This is a direct benefit of the advantages and features mentioned in the previous point. With fewer man hours expended in creating the course content, the cost to your business is automatically reduced.

Another way an authoring tool reduced the cost of training content development is by eliminating the need for other software and tools that were previously required for development of engaging training content.

Not to forget, the other alternative, that is, outsourcing the development, can also turn out to be significantly more expensive than getting an authoring tool and developing training content in house.

Produce Engaging Training Content

The features offered by authoring tools enable learning administrators to integrate interactives, multimedia, social learning, and gamification elements into their courses. This way, they are able to create an engaging training experience, even without any prior experience in developing training content.

Moreover, with an authoring tool, it becomes easy to create training content that can be distributed and consumed across different devices. This makes the learning experience even more immersive and accessible for learners.


With the advantages and benefits mentioned above, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that authoring tools are among the most powerful elearning tools available today.

Have you used an authoring tool at your organisation? Share your experience in the comment section below.