Get US-Based Virtual Business Phone System in India

India is one of the largest markets when it comes to delivering services for several business industries worldwide. Be it customer support, tech support, or consultation services global businesses rely hugely on outsourcing each one of them to India. Thanks to India’s fastest-growing sector from the information technology-enabled services, and that has to be the country’s BPO segment. Business process outsourcing is a serious concern for companies worldwide. Indians are getting their very best at it. Additionally, factors like cost advantage, the economy of scale, and reliability add to the value of growth of India’s BPO industry. 

A call center in India usually provides solutions to a range of business services that global companies look for. Few of them include online surveys, telemarketing calls, technical support, customer support, IT help desk, data entry and processing, bookkeeping and financial management, and processing of insurance policies. US companies even trust the power of India’s BPO industry by overviewing its quality and flexibility of services it can offer. However, for a call center to undertake outsourcing responsibilities from a US-based firm has to have a virtual business phone set up with a US phone number. Thus, here enters the topic of this blog. It is going to shed some light on the process of getting a US phone number for a call center here in India.

Process of Getting US Phone Number

To run a business successfully having its reach across different countries in the world is a tedious task to get over with, especially when it comes to customer support. Setting up a physical office in a country like the USA is where the trouble gets doubled. However, thanks to modern technologies taking shape within the call center industry. Now service delivery centers don’t need to set up a physical office in the USA to provide customer support. Instead, a US virtual phone number can suffice the purpose quite easily. The fundamental advantage that a virtual business phone number offers its ability to stay connected with the customer base of a business 24*7 and all the 365 days. Interested call centers looking forward to providing customer support for a US-based firm can check out CallHippo as they come with some of the incredible features of business phone systems and competitive pricing.

How to get hold of a US Virtual Business Phone Number?

Getting hold of a US virtual phone number is quite an easy task as it seems. If you are considering the CallHippo, then you don’t have to worry about anything, as they can help you set your call center only in a matter of 3 minutes. For the rest, following these simple steps may help you to set up a US phone number.

  • Sign Up with your US virtual phone number service provider
  • Log in with your credentials, and you will be at your dashboard 
  • Click on Add a Virtual Number, and select the USA as the country from the drop-down list 
  • Select the number of number pools your call center requires 
  • Make the necessary payment as per the service provider 

How does it work?

Once you are over with setting up a virtual phone number based out of the USA, you will have to select the number of users as per your agent requirements. A virtual phone number usually works just like a conventional business phone number. The only difference is that the existence of a virtual phone number lies in the cloud. In the process of getting a US phone number, the steps are simple, and the process even simpler if you are going with the right service provider. CallHippo would be our recommendation as several call centers providing outsourcing services to US-based firms have great ratings and respect for this service provider.

CallHippo US Virtual Business Phone Number Benefits 

Few of the benefits call centers receive when they opt for their US virtual phone number from CallHippo.

  • Great Pricing: The number one place where CallHippo stands to be a remarkable service provider for a US phone number, is their competitive pricing. Not only their service is highly reliable, but their pricing is friendlier on the pockets of a new call center startup.
  • Great Call Functionalities: CallHippo has almost all the essential call functionalities bundled with its basic Bronze package. Call recording, forwarding, and transferring are all included in it. Advanced packages have more customized solutions that even include CRM integrations for different service providers.
  • 3-Minute Setup Time: Another place where CallHippo stands out of the competition is with its astonishing setup time. It hardly is a matter of 3-minutes to get your call center set up with a US phone number. 

Well, to sum it up, we hope we could provide you the necessary information you were looking for regarding the process of getting the US phone number for your call center. Moreover, you came across some of the best in class features that CallHippo has in it for all the call centers looking to start their outsourcing services for a US-based firm. Hence, it now lies on you to choose from the best.