Engineers develop stamp-size stickers that can see inside your body

Written by:  Samiksha Bhateja

Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a stamp-sized sticker that, when worn by patients, can give real-time, high-resolution ultrasound imaging of blood arteries and internal organs.

According to a report published in Science, the wearable medical device may give continuous ultrasound imaging of the internal organs for 48 hours. The two-by-three-centimetre stickers can be applied directly to the skin and potentially provide diagnostic and monitoring tools for several illnesses, including heart disorders, pregnancy issues, and many malignancies.

Researchers used the stickers on participants to produce real-time, high-resolution photographs of blood vessels and organs like the heart, stomach, and lungs, demonstrating their effectiveness. The volunteers were forced to engage in activities such as standing, sitting, biking, and jogging during the trial, throughout which the sticker maintained a strong adhesion and captured the individuals’ organs. Researchers claim that if the device is made wireless, it can be utilised for a variety of things.

The senior author of the study Xuanhe Zhao, a professor of mechanical engineering and civil and environmental engineering at MIT, stated, “we envision we could have a box of stickers, each tailored to photograph a different place of the body. We think this is a breakthrough in medical imaging and wearable technology.”