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A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile App Design

The competition with great popularity can be daunting, but it can also be quite rewarding. Competition keeps us on our toes and improves everything by a margin. If you’ve decided to create an app, coming up with something different and having a USP is crucial to your business. In the sea of apps on the Play Store and Apple Store today, your app should stick out and become a part of someone’s everyday life. And what makes an app interesting? The design. 

The first mobile app you create should excite you, not intimidate you. The design process is entertaining and much simpler than you may imagine when you have a clear plan and the proper priorities in mind.

Many folks have brilliant application ideas but are unsure of where to start. Due to their ignorance, they decide against creating a blockbuster application. But with various technical advancements, even developers with little to no expertise may produce a fantastic mobile application if they have the right team and resources.

What is mobile app design?

In very general terms, app designers are responsible for making an app appear attractive, whereas developers are in charge of making it function properly. User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are both parts of mobile app design (UX). The designer’s responsibility is the general look of the program, including elements like the color scheme, font choice, and the types of buttons and widgets the user will interact with. So how do you get started? At the very beginning. Let’s look at the types of apps and how to design a mobile app.

                             Source: The Lead Machine, What is mobile app design?

Types of Apps

Apps can also be run using a web browser, albeit they normally operate locally on your device. You can find apps on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or other electronic devices, such as smart TVs and smartwatches. Applications could or might not be connected to the internet.

Three main categories of apps exist:

  • Desktop applications: Programs designed for PCs with mouse and keyboard input.
  • Mobile Apps: Apps for cell phones and touch inputs are called mobile apps.
  • Web applications: Browser-based software.

How to design a mobile app?

The design method is approachable and much lighter than anticipated, with a clear roadmap and the correct factors. The key factors to take into account for your initial mobile app design project are listed below:

mobile app design

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Before beginning the App Design Process, Understand your Users.

Everything we do is based on customer needs and desires. Ask a few questions, such as the demographics of your users, what matters to them the most, and why they need you. Remember that without understanding your target audience, you cannot succeed in designing mobile applications.

Throughout the development process, consult your team and think like your users. Make sure your choices will encourage them to achieve their goals rather than hinder them from doing so. The most important component of creating an app is understanding your users and striving to create a product that caters to their specific needs.

Different Platforms Need Different App Designs

The two main platforms for mobile users are Android and iOS. Different platform-specific ideologies and traditions must be considered for iOS and Android development. In comparison to iOS, Android operates differently. Therefore, it cannot be guaranteed that a single software design would run flawlessly on both platforms. The best way to create an app is to have various app designs on various platforms.

             Source: Mobiscroll,  Android, and IOS are the two main platforms for mobile users.

Using Branding to Improve App Design Reach

Marketing and branding are closely intertwined, and branding is important to the design app. Without an effective branding or marketing plan, every company’s market worth could decrease. Therefore, ensure that you adhere to the best brand marketing guidelines before deciding on the ideal app design for your audience. Of course, an effective and best mobile app design can prove to be a catalyst when it comes to branding. 

The king of app design: hierarchy

Information may be quickly absorbed and managed because of the visual order created by hierarchy. To develop a screen hierarchy, app designers should take advantage of the different aspects of graphic design, such as color, scale, and typography. This will make it convenient for users to navigate your app. Just push yourself before you start creating mobile applications.

Appropriate Typography for Mobile Application Design

Every single thing you replicate matters greatly when creating a mobile app design template. The interfaces contain a lot of code. Please use caution and pay close attention to the following:

  • Select a typeface that compliments your branding.
  • It also makes a significant impact on how the type is set. Carefully choosing a headline or changing a paragraph has a tremendous impact! The paragraphs ought to be interesting.
  • The typeface’s size is also important. The perfect typeface is available on many websites, which can be used to identify your sizes.

Customize Elements for Best Mobile App Design

It would help if you tried to align yourself as much as you can with platform modules and native UI elements. Most of the time, you’ll need to create a custom component. Look at each platform’s color, font, and other visual design elements. It is vital to use the best techniques for each area of graphic design when creating this new segment.

Custom components must be made crucial to mobile app design concepts. Your expertise in mobile app design and your level of inventiveness is contrasted with your use of custom elements. Make sure your bespoke components accurately represent the brand of your application.

Source: CleverTap, Customization of app design helps in more user engagement. 

Microcopy: Newest App Design Concept

Although it might not be a design element, using a copy on the GUI allows you to develop the experience. The experience will be improved by carefully choosing terms, for instance, for buttons or error statements.

If you work with a copywriter, discuss at length the desired feeling and communicate any action the user should take with the flow. You may take help from a mobile app designing company as well. 

When selecting how your app should sound, consult your brand guidelines. Then, when it comes time to develop the app, suggest a copy that best fits your needs.

Maintain Consistency in App Design

Your display should be made up of several user interfaces, sometimes known as reusable modules. When creating your initial mobile app, your objective should never be innovation but rather maintaining these components. The mobile app designer must comply with other items, channels, and market agreements. 

Building user-friendly software can be made simple by conforming to what is accepted elsewhere. App design becomes engaging when you are certain that the app designs are not cliche or difficult for people to use.

Develop a System of Spacing for Better App Design

Before continuing your mobile app design journey, establish a strategy for spacing. Well-known research supports the idea that planning a spacing scheme is useful for mobile app designs. Users rarely choose anything asymmetrical over something that appears to be symmetrical. So, consider this abnormal psychology at work when creating apps, and you’ll get it down in no time!

Designing: The Essence of Mobile Applications

A mobile app’s design, development, and release are complex tasks that require resources, including time, money, equipment, and the proper expertise. The most crucial point to remember while creating the ideal mobile application is to build your clients, not yourself. The best mobile app design will speak for itself!

Source: 99Designs, Design is the soul of the app. 

As a designer, pushing pixels and working with clients will take less time. Try out different approaches, choose the one that best fits your target demographic, and capitalize on the worth of your users. You should seek the assistance of a reputable mobile app design company if you are a rookie in the field.

Hopefully, you’re well on your way to making the next big mobile application that causes waves throughout the world. While app design might seem daunting and extremely technical, it should be a very enjoyable process.

Happy designing!