House of Blueberry and Natori Partner To Create Digital Fashion Collection

House of Blueberry and Natori have come together to present what they call a “new era of digital fashion”. The initiative is unveiled on November 3 at 9 am ET.

House of Blueberry has made a name for itself in the digital fashion industry. Since its inception in 2012, it has created virtual assets such as avatar wearables. The company describes itself as a ‘digital wearable company that is also a data company.’ Mishi McDuff founded Blueberry as a solo creator of Second Life in 2012. She has sold over 20 million virtual clothing items to date. 

Blueberry finds its success because Second Life users were willing to spend money on their digital identities. According to McDuff, Blueberry made $60,000 in its first year. With a team of three designing virtual clothing for Second Life, its annual revenue had reached $1 million by 2016.

House of Blueberry also recently collaborated with Roblox. As a part of this collaboration, it created a 3D boutique shopping experience. This initiative allowed players to preview the latest fashion collections while also building a digital community. Blueberry is already present on multiple platforms. The team behind it is actively expanding its brand and community to the largest web 2.0 platforms, as well as web 3.0 metaverse offerings.

On the other hand, the Natori Company is known to create high-end women’s fashion. The company creates exclusive intimates, sleepwear, lingerie, ready-to-wear, home, perfume, towels, eyewear, and other items. Josie Natori built the company as ‘a complete concept, a way of life.’ She took the company from the ground up after leaving a prestigious position on Wall Street. She was the first female Vice President of Investment Banking at Merrill Lynch.

The recent collaboration between the House of Blueberry and Natori will focus on designing and creating the digital fashion collection. This move will bring Natori’s iconic designs and the magic of the virtual world to all Roblox avatars. The collection will include printed robes, matching sets, earrings, sunglasses, and four new hairstyles. All of these are inspired by Natori’s ‘East meets West aesthetic.’ The Natori showroom has also been reimagined on Roblox in ‘Blueberry World.’ For the uninitiated, the Blueberry World is populated by avatars dressed in signature Natori patterns and silhouettes.

This collaboration is special for another reason. It is a representation of the upliftment of female forces in the fashion industry.  Mishi McDuff and Josie Natori, the female fashion tycoons, have joined forces to bring one of the industry’s most recognisable designer brands to the metaverse. This collection will exclusively be sold in House of Blueberry on Roblox. 

Notably, Natori is also slated to launch a children’s line in the spring of 2023. This launch is expected to coincide with Roblox perfectly. 

Roblox will offer a unique opportunity to bring iconic and timeless brands to a new generation of consumers through this collaboration. The House of Blueberry team considers this collaboration as an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the breadth of their capabilities. For digital fashion lovers, this beautiful brand activation will bring together Blueberry’s decade of experience in virtual fashion and metaverse spaces and Natori’s unique style to leave fashion lovers in complete awe.