How To Send A WhatsApp Message Without Saving Number [2024]

It’s 2024. There has to be a way to send a WhatsApp message without saving a number.

Up until 2022, WhatsApp didn’t provide its users the ability to send messages to a non-contact. If you needed to send a WhatsApp message to a new number, you had to save it to contacts, and search for it on WhatsApp. 

Users often found this frustrating as they could not figure out how to send a WhatsApp message without saving numbers in their contact list. Fortunately, WhatsApp has come up with the option to do this. Let’s dive in and see how to send a message on Whatsapp without saving number or adding contacts.

Sending a Whatsapp Message Without Saving the Number

It is obviously easy to send messages to your existing WhatsApp contact numbers via WhatsApp.

However, let’s say you want to text on WhatsApp without saving the number as a WhatsApp contact. How do you do it? You don’t need a WhatsApp mod from XDA or wherever.

Before we get into the process of sending a WhatsApp without saving numbers, let’s quickly go over why we would need to send a WhatsApp message to a new number in the first place.

Say you want to quickly share your location or a document with someone. Maybe they’re doing a parcel drop off for you at your location and have asked for assistance with the location or a reference number. You might need the WhatsApp app to quickly share this information.

You know you will never contact this person after this one time. So it doesn’t make sense to save the number as a WhatsApp contact. 

Here, it becomes important to know how to send WhatsApp messages without saving a number. The section below covers two ways – using both the mobile WhatsApp app and the web version i.e. WhatsApp for Web, to text on WhatsApp without saving numbers. Note – this isn’t a guide on how to find someone on WhatsApp without their number.

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Now, ensure that you have WhatsApp downloaded on your phone. Then, follow the steps below on how to send a WhatsApp message without saving number:

how to send a whatsapp message without saving number
  1. Copy the contact number that you want to send a WhatsApp message to without adding the number.
  2. Open the chat window of a WhatsApp contact message you can send this number to. You can also do this with your own contact number (if you have your own number saved as a WhatsApp contact). You can also send it to a group with you as the only member in it. 
  3. To send a WhatsApp message without saving numbers, paste the number of the non-contact you want to send the WhatsApp message to and send it to this chat window. The number will now appear as a message in this chat window. 
  4. Now, all you have to do is tap on the unsaved number on the chat window. Then, select the “Chat with <phone number>” option.
  5. Once you click the option, it will open a new chat window with this unsaved number. You can now message on WhatsApp without saving them as a contact.

Alternative Methods on How to Send a WhatsApp Message via Web WhatsApp

You can also send a WhatsApp message to a non-contact via Web WhatsApp or WhatsApp for Web. For this, open any browser on your computer and enter the URL “http://wa.me/<country_code><phone_number>” where you enter the country code followed by the contact number you want to send a WhatsApp message to.

For example, if the number is +91-123456789 and you want to WhatsApp them without adding the number, go to http://www.wa.me/91123456789

It’ll open a window like this:

Click on Continue to Chat. It will open a window where it will ask you if you want to download the WhatsApp app on your computer or continue with WhatsApp Web. You can select either option.

On selecting Continue with Web WhatsApp, it launches the window for WhatsApp for Web and opens the chat window for the number you entered in the URL.

You can now send WhatsApp messages without saving numbers using both the WhatsApp app on your mobile and WhatsApp Web.

In Short: You Can Send an encrypted WhatsApp message without saving numbers 

WhatsApp banks on its end-to-end encryption system to provide safe and secure communication lines to its users. Plus there are cool features like the ability to delete a sent message, send disappearing messages, use WhatsApp on a computer via Web WhatsApp, or even regular chat backups on the cloud.

WhatsApp is a powerful instant messaging application that lets you get connected to people instantly. It has made communication easier with every feature it has added to its offerings. 

Not knowing how to send a WhatsApp message without saving a number has been a pain point for users. By learning how to send WhatsApp messages without saving contacts, texting is easier, especially with people you might only contact once. 

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