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The 10 Most Unusual and Unique Phones Designed by Nokia

unusual nokia phones

While it was king, Nokia made an astounding number of unusual Nokia phones – of all sizes and colors. While some of them were iconic and went on to become the most popular handsets of their time, others were simply too weird. There was the iconic Nokia 6600, of course, famously dubbed the Nokia egg phone. But there was a lot more to Nokia than just its egg shaped phone.

The 10 most unusual and unique phones designed by Nokia include models like the Nokia 7610 with its asymmetric design, the gaming-oriented N-Gage, the keyboard-centric 6800, the stylish 7370, and the geometrically intriguing 7900 Prism.

Yaabot takes you through the the first in a two-part series of the 10 most uniquely designed and Unusual Nokia phones ever made. Here’s #6 to #10:

#10 – Nokia 7610

Nokia 7610 –source

Launched in 2004, the Nokia 7610 had one hell of a keyboard layout. Featuring a shape that was cross between a rectangle and an ellipse, the 7610 had its keys placed in rather unusual fashion across its body. I personally remember having trouble finding the menu key on a number of early occasions. Clearly a contender for a unique Nokia phone, this one, with its eccentric design elements, giving it a weird Nokia phone vibe.

#9 – Nokia N-Gage

Nokia N-Gage – source

Released in 2003, I remember being fascinated by N-gage – primarily because it was a gaming phone. The N-Gage’s display resolution of 176 x 208 pixels was the best at its time. The phone required you to hold it in a unique (or rather, silly) way when making calls – perpendicular to your ears! It took me a while to realize this was a requirement rather than a style statement. The phone bombed, of course. But remained a weird Nokia phone to remember for the ages.

#8 – Nokia 6800

Nokia 6800 – source

The Nokia 6800 brought with itself a hybrid keypad – featuring both a QWERTY and a normal keypad. Additionally, it had GPRS support, and a whopping 5 MB of memory. And its design was perhaps the predecessor to the QWERTY phones of the future, making it a subtle precursor to the weird Nokia phone models that would follow.

#7 – Nokia 7370

Nokia 7370 – source

A standard phone with standard features – except that it featured a display that could swing 180 degrees. More weird than unique – you could spin it and cover the keypad, reducing this unusual Nokia phone’s length by half. With flowery designs all over it, this unique Nokia phone doubled as a fashion accessory too.

#6 – Nokia 7900 prism

Nokia 7900 prism – source

Featuring a pixel density of 200ppi, this phone was well ahead of competition for 2007 levels. I remember having a high level of admiration for the 7900 – thanks to its unique ‘prism’ design. The keys were arranged in a triangular design. Even better – you could change the color of the keypad backlight. Pretty cool design for those times and its interesting reputation as a weird Nokia phone. Thanks Nokia.

#5 to #1:

That’s the first in our two-part series. Check out the next 5 weirdest Nokia phones here.

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