Movie Recommendation: Would You Rather?


Movie: Would You Rather?

Cast: Brittany Snow, Jeffrey Combs

Direction: David Guy Levy

“Would You Rather?”, interesting name for a movie, with a twist of strangeness and thrill for today’s crowd. A unique movie by a newcomer, David Guy Levy, delivers torture and tension, which also makes this a must watch, not only for those who are interested in Thriller movies, but also the ones who aren’t. Nothing you have ever seen before, but great execution of the characters in the movie. Based on the hopeless life of an independent sister and her ill brother who desperately needs medication, this movie is a brilliant example of the immense love and support between the two, as she raises her ill brother up.


Iris (Brittany Snow) doesn’t have a life of her own, as she is always busy paying bills and returning her family debts. As both her parents are dead, the only financial support to her family is, Iris. This movie is a thriller with an intense element of suspense and horror. If you have enjoyed “Saw”, then you’d definitely enjoy this one too.

As Iris is in between jobs, she is offered to be present at a dinner party by Shephard Lambrick (Jeffrey Combs), who is the main protagonist of this movie. Along with being present at his dinner party, Iris is also offered to participate in a contest, among 8 other strangers. However, if she wins, all medical expenses and procedures regarding her brother will be covered. But, when she does arrive, she discovers that the simple game of “Would You Rather?” turns out to be a game of life and death.

The setting is taken around a dining table, with 8 strangers from different backgrounds, that are surrounding it. The eight strangers include Iris too. As the game begins, there is no turning back. Ice-picks, razor blades, M-80s deliver pain, gruesome circumstances, and deadly consequences.

Would You Rather has an increasing intensity of suspense and thriller as the movie continues. Perhaps the climax is predictable with Iris winning the contest. But, will she be able to help her brother?

Check it out.

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