Review: V/H/S 2, Who’s Tracking You?


Director: Simon Barrett, Jason Eisener

Writers: Simon Barrett, Jamie Nash

Stars: Lawrence Michael Levine – Larry

          Kelsy Abbott – Ayesha

          L.C. Holt – Kyle

          Simon Barrett – Steve

From the directors of “The Blair Witch Project” and “The Raid”, and many other horror thrillers, here comes the sequel of V/H/S. If you’re a movie lover, then this one is a must watch because it doesn’t just scare you on the other side of the screen but also makes an impact. There are several movies made now, that would probably scare you as an audience but wouldn’t leave an impact though they try so hard, but be sure of this one. If you have watched and enjoyed the prequel, then you will definitely love V/H/S/2.

[quote_center] If you enjoyed the prequel, you’ll definitely love V/H/S 2 [/quote_center]

V/H/S 2 begins with a search for a missing student. Two private investigators break into his house and find a collection of VHS tapes. But, everything is not as it seems. Because the tapes aren’t just any tapes, they’re much more horrifying and thrilling. The story maybe very simple and plain, involving a mediocre script, but the ambience created by the actors really gets to you as the movie progresses.

Obviously, this is also one of those first-person movies (like Cloverfield, or The Blair Witch Project) where the viewers are see the experience unfold from a first-person point of view – making it seem so real to the audience. Not all of such movies make a deep impact. If you have seen the prequel, then you’ll definitely enjoy this, as this is double the thrill. As the movie continues, the scenes get more horrific and do a commendable job in maintaining the interest of the viewer. There is an increasing amount of suspense in the movie, as it continues to the climax. The climax however, is nothing you have ever seen before.

Of course, this movie will have a deeper impact on you if you see it in the night with the lights out. All in all, the sound effects are great along with the lighting in the movie. This movie can be watched several times as it will still interest you after a couple of views. It’s totally worth your money. However, I’d recommend that you watch the prequel before you watch this one as you may have an idea of the whole concept.

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