What is Google 2.0 Going To Do?


Google’s inventors never seem to stop at something. They always want more and they work towards achieving it.

We would start small, but what’s small and what’s big when the projects which are lined up range from driverless cars to model cities. While the Google X is meant for short term research projects, Google Y is the next generation lab proposed for the sole purpose of focusing and researching on long term projects.

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It all started with an idea, and then they named it as “Google 2.0”. The first step of it wasn’t just like another idea that Google or anyone has, they didn’t get down working on a prototype right away. Instead, about a year ago, Page cleared out space on his floor in Google’s headquarters and made it as the office space for about 100 employees. These people were given a seemingly simple task of trying to figure out the problems in the world which Google could solve.

According to an article on The Verge, these projects don’t seem to be taking into account commercial considerations. But while trying to solve the problem of inefficient airports, we can already say that Google plans to put its money to good use.


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While Page is already trying to make transportation more efficient with driverless cars, the airports are more about the management than the transport. He believes that airplanes are as good as they can get, it’s the airports which take more time. We have all faced a time when we have had to wait for two hours to board a domestic flight and one hour after the flight to collect the baggage. So while the air time is just about two hours, the waiting time adds up and wastes a huge load of time, especially for frequent flyers.

Though Mr. Page hasn’t clarified on how he would go about building a model city and a model airport, they are both things that the world will be awaiting.