Clash of Google’s Nest and Apple’s HomeKit


The recent innovations in technology are really cutting edge and have caught the world by storm. Trending now is the development of smart gadgets and apps that work together, to generate a network of connected devices. And this, is how the “internet of things” came to the purview.

In this piece, we talk about how Google and Apple – two of the biggest players in the tech game – are making their presence felt in the arena of IOTs.

The beginning

The universe had a beginning and so did this “Internet of things”. Nest, taken over by Google initiated the development and move towards the connectivity of things by internet control over thermostat and smoke control systems.


A lot has moved on with the establishment of Nest in terms of software. Third parties have merged, contributed and an upscale development is on the rise. Watch the Nest’s developers video at their homepage and there is absolutely no sign of Google at all. Weird, especially considering the Google’s backstage role in the Nest’s development.  And most of the buyers do not even know Nest is owned by Google.


The Nest this year has a competitor. The recently launched HomeKit by Apple along with iOS 8 has a lot to say. Perhaps to put it in better words, it really gave Nest a scare.


Digging deeper

Talking about Nests’s third party developers, the intensity of the “internet of things” is indeed an upscale progress. Beginning from the appliance giant Whirlpool to the fab car maker Benz, Nest has added feathers to its cap with the sharing of the software and the further developments with the developers extending worldwide.


The current progress: the building of automatic driers and washers by Whirlpool and the instant opening and closing of garage doors by Benz is one of the few. The developers are all coding night and day to make the software accessible to the Nest’s hub. Google has Nest keeping on its toes with further developments in the lightning control and so on.

Moving on to the Apple’s HomeKit, this feature is a framework of iOS 8. One main edge is its voice commands that Apple has achieved using Siri. Say a goodnight to it and it turns off the lights, shuts off the music playing in the background.


HomeKit allows user control using their respective iPhone or iPad. In comparison with the Nest’s thermostat and smoke detector system, HomeKit brings in wider areas into the fray like the controlling of locks, lightning system, aircon and CCTV camera systems.

All this with a lovely Apple based set up box!


Considering the “Internet of things” both Google and Apple have had an impact on the users. With loads of aahs and ohs the development of this tech has invited both positive and negative critics.

This reminds me in particular of Albert Einstein’s famous quote- “I fear the day technology will surpass human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” Take it either way but I believe Einstein’s quote might come really true.