Sex Tape Review: Out Now on DVD & Blu-Ray

We had big news in the form of the infamous iCloud hack earlier this year – where personal photos of certain female celebrities were let loose on the public. In related news, Sex Tape is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray, courtesy Sony DADC.

The movie has some undesirable iCloud involvement as well. Featuring Jason Segel as Jay and Cameron Diaz as Annie, Sex Tape takes us through the life of the young couple – right from their college days to their current reasonably settled phase. Bedroom action is lacking – and to space that up, the two film themselves on their iPad. Thanks to iCloud though – the video ‘syncs’ with many other iPads that the couple has either sold or given away to friends. Suddenly, their ‘Sex Tape’ has bene pushed to a lot more eyeballs – and it may even hit the internet.

The movie lays enough emphasis on the fact that this isn’t an all-you-can-do erotic playlist – in fact, it’s a completely loyal relationship between Segel and Diaz. Segel is pursuing a career in the music industry, while Diaz is an online hit with a pretty popular blog that’s receiving buyout offers from big corporations.

There are numerous attempts at comedy – but don’t succeed as much. That’s primarily because of the slightly excessive focus on proving the couple’s moral credentials. We’re routinely explained their intentions and innocence in making the sex tape, almost as if we’re out to doubt them any second.

Sex Tape DVD Cover

Despite that, though, the movie does have its share on moments. The sex tape, for example, is a full 3 hours long – longer than most Hollywood movies themselves. Jay and Diaz have apparently tried out every position in ‘The Joy of Sex’ during these packed 180 minutes, and yes, that’s quite a feat. There’s references to Paris Hilton and Kim Karadashian, and of course, there’s the whole find-all-the-iPads chase that keeps you interested on their eventual fate, there’s even some comedic psychological exploration on the motives behind a couple engineering a sex tape.

The good thing going in Sex Tape’s favor is that although it paints its characters as squeaky clean, the narrative isn’t so – and you’re never sure about a happily ever after ending until the end itself. It’s enough to keep you engaged, and well worth the runtime.

Sex Tape is now out on DVD & Blu-Ray.

Bonus Features on DVD:

·         Capturing the Moment – Making of the film

·         Meet Hank Rosenbaum – About Rob Lowe’s character

Bonus Features on Blu-ray:

·         Capturing the Moment

·         Meet Hank Rosenbaum

·         Blopper Reel

·         Deleted and Extended Scenes