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Review: Deliver Us From Evil On DVD and Blu-Ray

After the huge success of Sinister and The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Scott Derrickson, is back again to ‘deliver’ (pun intended) a new monstrous film – ‘Deliver Us from Evil’. The movie opened to great response worldwide, thanks to its unusual fusion of horror and supernatural thrills, apparently based on the true-life tale of an NYPD Sergeant. Now out on DVD and Blu-ray by Sony DADC, the movie is available with special features – including commentary by Scott Derrickson himself. We got our hands on a copy and reviewed it for you folks!



Eric Bana plays Police officer Ralph Sarchie, who works the graveyard shift at the station with his colleague Butler (played by Joel McHale). Sarchie appears to have sort of natural ‘radar’ when it comes to exposing devilish crimes. Owing to this ‘gift’, Bana encounters a series of demonic events that keep him perpetually puzzled. While we’re progressively taken through this mystery, Bana meets meets a chain smoking priest – Rev Joe Mendonza (Edgar Ramirez) who clears the little sliver of doubt Bana had – by convincing him that these incidents are linked to a demonic possession. What follows is their quest against the evil.

It’s an uncomplicated plot, helped immensely by solid characters, in turn played by talented individuals. Eric Bana players Sarchie to perfection, and along with Edgar Ramirez, the duo make an interesting pair to watch. Scott Derrickson’s imprint is visible throughout the movie – the director tends to rely more on suspense than supernatural horror, and this apparent. There’s limited (but impressive) use of visual effecs. Deliver Us From Evil delivers more mystery and gripping moments than just goosebumps or jump sequences. You’ll notice the soundtrack too – used impressively throughout the runtime. If you’re looking for pure horror, Deliver Us From Evil shouldn’t be your go-to movie. But if you’re in for some impressive suspense and gripping thrillers, this is it. The focus on gore, and more accurately – disturbing violence, is one of its finer qualities.


Deliver Us From Evil rides on the experience of Derrickson, who provides thrilling moments, with blood and gore punched with a classy terror of demonic possession. The bonus features include exclusive featurettes that ‘deliver’ never-before-seen insight into the whole demonic process we just witnessed. Also onboard is commentary from the director himself. Grab your own copy of ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ by Sony DADC!


Bonus Features on DVD

·         Illuminating Evil Featurettes – Experience an in-depth exploration that covers all facets of this unique production, including filming in the Bronx, Director Scott Derrickson’s collaboration with Ralph Sarchie and the actors journey into the demonic world of Deliver Us From Evil.

·         Commentary with Director Scott Derrickson

Bonus Features on Blu-ray

·         Illuminating Evil Featurettes 

·         Deliver Us From Demons Featurettes

·         The Two Sergeants Featurettes

·         The Demon Detective Featurettes

·         Commentary with Director Scott Derrickson 

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