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The Best Music Mixing Apps for Android

Music is for the soul. With a huge Android market out there, there are plenty of mixing apps out there to cater to the DJ in you. You can mix their favourite tunes, add pulse and rhythm, and make them more pleasing without too much trouble. Here are some of the best music mixing apps available in the Android market-

iOS device? Check your the best music apps for your device!

#1.Edjing- DJ Music Mixer Studio

With edjing, mixing of sounds is pretty much child’s play. With the easy to use interface and multiple sound effects and transitions – scratch, echo, loop, flanger and so on, this app is a complete hit. You can enable multiple effect simultaneously too, of course. There’s also the option to download tunes from SoundCloud, your own library and give it a shot. Share the tracks you’ve with your friends on social networking sites and there’s an obvious party tonight!

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#2.Music Maker Jam

This app is the best for amateurs. This app has an 8 channel mixer and loops from a wide range of genres- hip hop, jazz, metal, drum and so on to create music of your own. Maker Jam also allows users some free effects that can be exchanged once in a month.  Song structure can also be modified by adding some of your little favourite tracks and sharing them with your audience.


#3.Cross DJ Free-Mix Your Music

This app has a story to tell. Amazing with no loading issues, good and easy to use interface, this app is a boon for the DJs, musicians. Cross DJ allows for SoundCloud sharing too. The app has an impressive sync engine that performs admirably. A pitch changer is part of the package too, while a quantizer button instantly locks your loops. You can also change the beats per minute with a lot of ease. The paid version has attracted a lot of fans, providing 15 sound effects rather than the single effect this free version delivers.

#4.MixPad- Music Mixer Free

MixPad aims to be a  tool for professional audio mixing and matching on-the-go. MixPad lets in various streams of audio that can be placed at different times, the audio can be panned, faded in or out and can also be equalized. Special effects include reverb, compression and more. Perfect for mash-ups and DJs, the users are given special podcasts, mixing of instruments and so on. The latest version promises UI improvements with an intent to make it more easy to use. The UI hasn’t been its USP so far. Overall, MixPad is worthy of its 4+ rating on the Play Store.

#5.DJ Studio Mixer 5- Free Music Mixer

With a 4.1 rating on the Play Store, DJ studio mixer mixes in your favourite tunes, aids in browsing tracks and so on. This app gives you 8 free sound effects and has a single editable playlist. Has two decks on screen which might seem difficult to use at first but with patience and more patience this app is a piece of cake. External music can be recorded with a microphone and with all those equalizers, you play god. Share and have fun!

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