Author: Ananya Jha & Niharika Verma

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Niharika isn't exactly "the nerd", but is certainly geeky! A big bookworm and foodie, she likes coding only when everything turns out right and hates it with a passion when the code is wrong. A good singer and artist, she's bold and blunt, sometimes to the point of being rude. Ananya: A computer science sophomore, a budding photographer, a passionate guitarist and a member of the college's startup NGO, Find a Way, I am involved in almost every activity the college life has to offer. I also tend to use a lot of scheduling algorithms to manage my time. PS: Don't consider me a nerd just because I made up a Computer Science PJ.

Improv Electronics launched the Boogie Board Sync 9.7 at CES 2014 recently.  The Boogie Board Sync 9.7 is an e-writer primarily meant for note taking. The product hasn’t hit the headlines at a big level but has carved a niche market of its own. Costing just 100 dollars (about Rs. 6000/-), we bring you a review whether this e-writer is a bang for your buck. Specifications: Type: Tablet / e-writer Input type: EM digitizer (pen) Product size: 283mm x 190mm x 5mm (11.1 in x 7.5 in x 0.2 in) LCD size: 241mm (9.5 in) Weight: 312g (11oz) Material: Plastic, Scratch Resistant…

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