Author: Anisha Baid

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Anisha Baid is a student and an aspiring writer, musician, and creator. Traveling back and forth from lengthy fiction to poetry to five minute art to design, she is always in search for new homes for the ideas in her mind and always has something to say.

Do a simple Google search for “glitch” and you’ll find a variety of concepts, from glitch music to hacks and software glitches to the evolving glitch videography methods; but at the very top of the search, Wikipedia defines a glitch as a short-lived fault in a system. We are all familiar with the untimely and often resented glitches on our digital devices, the static on a tv or a system error on windows that leaves us cringing in an unknown territory. It is here, though very rarely that we are faced with the fallibility of machines, a break in the…

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  The third film in the phenomenal Hunger Games series, Mockingjay, Part 1 hit the theatres last week in India, grossing at a whopping $275 million overseas and brought crowds flocking to the theatre for the third installment in this four part series based on the book trilogy by Suzanne Collins Though the Mockingjay movie didn’t ‘catch fire’ like the previous films in the franchise, it sure hit a strong chord with not only young adults, but a mass of adult viewers. Probably the most popular dystopic world of current times, The Hunger Games, besides being a huge commercial success…

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