Author: Chaithanya V

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To think out of the box, to tilt the conventional in an interesting perspective and to bring into limelight something different - This would encapsulate my personality which would be reflected in all my endeavors. I am a English Literature graduate and would like to keep my thoughts as my signature.

Every time I bring up my wrist and look at my Moto 360, I can’t help be astonished at how far ahead we’ve come. We’ve actually managed to fit computers into the size of something as small as a watch. In fact, we’re progressing even further. Wrist-sized computers are diversifying. We’re primarily dealing with two sorts of smartwatches right now –  ‘companion devices’ that require the user’s smartwatch to be connected to the internet or to a smartphone. And the standalone types that are only just getting off the shelves. Not surprisingly, China and US are leading manufacturers of smartwatches with Finland,…

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Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have the same parent company now. But they remain two different applications serving similar functions of communication, even after an effort to converge. Does their independency signify a ‘sibling rivalry’ or does their similarity call ahead for a future merging? This ambiguity does not seem to worry their users who seem to avail benefits from either or both, neglecting the boredom of similarity. The duality in messaging Facebook’s buyout of WhatsApp, for a staggering $19 Billion, dominated tech news for weeks. But Facebook’s prior introduction of Messenger and its upgradation with voice calling (similar to that of WhatsApp)…

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