Author: Nivedit Majumdar

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An engineering student pursuing a degree in Electronics and Telecommunication, Nivedit is passionate about tech and gadgets. He loves writing articles, poems and short stories. In his free time, he plays the piano and watches movies. You can follow him on Twitter here.

In recent years, we have come across a lot of terms related to the environment. Pollution, global warming and ozone layer depletion are just a few to name. But one of the problems which directly affects us is the Global Energy Crisis. Energy is a broad term that includes fuel sources as well as power. Among fuel sources, costs are skyrocketing at an alarming rate. Oil prices are rising rapidly. The price of coal has doubled. Power cuts in several developing nations are rampant, leading to riots. While on the other hand, rich countries are worrying about the energy supply.…

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Ask any random person to name a few American sitcoms, and he/she would rattle off about 10 in a breath. But as for British TV Comedy shows, besides mentioning “Mr.Bean!” , most people do tend to draw a blank. So, we’ve gathered a few British sitcoms and comedy TV shows that you’ll instantly connect with! #1 – Blackadder Many eras. One Blackadder. And a hilarious one at that. This show follows the humorous  trials and tribulations of Blackadder, as he tries his level best to become the ruler of a kingdom set in a different era each series. This show did very…

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