How To Download Your Favorite Torrents Using the iPhone

There’s uTorrent for Android devices.But there’s a serious lack of BitTorrent clients for iPhone – which is their primary competitor. Most of us would assume that it’s impossible to download torrents on an iPhone due to the cold, isolated iOS ecosystem that Apple so desperately protects. It’s a brutal truth. Even the default browser in the iPhone (Safari) does not have the capability to download major file formats directly from a website. It’s impossible, thanks to Apple’s restrictions. Almost every browser in the app store possesses the same aspects too.

But of course – there’s a remedy for every curse. With a bit of work, you can pretty easily jailbreak your iPhone. And that paves your way to not only downloading major file formats through your iPhone, but to downloading torrents as well.

To make this possible, you need two tweaks. The first is called “iTransmission 4” and the second one is “Safari downloader plus”.

Downloading and installing the tweaks:


In order to download the tweaks all you have to do is


iTransmission4 and How to use it:


Here’s a video demo of the entire process:

Safari Downloader Plus and How to use it:

Here’s a video demo of the process:

That’s it. Enjoy downloading your favorite torrents.

Note: If you are using an older devices such as the iPhone 4 or 3GS, try to download torrents one by one by using iTransmission4 – else it could lead to system instability.


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