Website Hosting Compared: GoDaddy vs HostGator vs BigRock

Good web hosting is one of the most important things for any website after it’s domain name. It’s one of the basic building blocks and the backbone of your website. Your hosting decides your website’s – up-time, website loading speed etc. That’s why it’s crucial to make an informed decision and that’s exactly what I’m going to help you with, today.

# Features

 GoDaddy HostGator BigRock
Bandwidth  Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space  100GB – Unlimited  Unlimited  10GB – Unlimited
Databases  10 to Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited
Email  100-1000 emails with limited storage  Unlimited  200 – Unlimited
24×7 Support  Yes  Yes  Yes
Control Panel  In-house Control Panel  cPanel  cPanel
SSL  Yes (Ultimate Plan Only)  Yes – Shared SSL certificateDedicated for Business Plan  Yes (As an addon)
One-click Installers  Yes  Yes  Yes
Money Back  30 days  45 days  30 days


# Price

Price might be an important factor while deciding your web hosting, but keep in mind that it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Especially if you are planning to earn from your website.

Price comparison of web hosting for 1 year –

GoDaddy HostGator BigRock
Economy/Hatchling/Starter  $3.99/month $5.56/month $2.19/month
Deluxe/Baby/Advanced  $4.49/month  $7.96/month  $3.89/month
Ultimate/Business/Business  $7.49/month  $11.96/month  $5.49/month



Yaabot - GoDaddy Backend

GoDaddy uses it’s own proprietary backend. It has a sleek layout and is pretty straightforward. With no advertisements, GoDaddy’s backend is cleaner and gets the job done quicker without any delay. However, people complain that GoDaddy’s backend has options hidden in menus and sometimes difficult to find – which seems to have been fixed with the recent update that has rolled out.

Yaabot - Hostgator cPanel
HostGator and BigRock both use the popular cPanel as their backend for all shared hosting plans. cPanel is the standard for all hosting accounts these days and is very straightforward once you learn your way around it.

Yaabot - BigRock cPanel

# Downtime

No one likes downtime. Any website/server downtime can do unnecessary damage.
All these three providers guarantee 99.9% uptime and also offer a Money Back Guarantee with the same.

# Disk Space and Bandwidth

There is nothing called Unlimited Space or Unlimited Bandwidth! Ever heard of such a computer?! No.

By Unlimited Space and Bandwidth it just means that the host doesn’t set a limit on how much you use…….provided it complies with the Agreement. Now the catch is that the bandwidth is subject to availability on the server.

# Support


GoDaddy HostGator BigRock
Phone  Yes Yes Yes
Email  Yes  Yes  Yes
Live Chat  No  Yes  Yes
Knowledgebase  Yes  Yes  Yes
Forum  Yes  Yes  No
Video Tutorials  No  Yes  No


Have you used any of these web hosting? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below.