Surprising Facts About The Internet

You can not possibly imagine life without it; you’re using it all the time and so are about 300 million other people. But how much do we really know about the internet. Ever since its inception in the 1960’s, the Internet has and still is growing. Here are some surprising facts about the Internet.Join us for some truly incredible trivia below!


1.The Internet requires approximately 50 million horsepower in electricity

With almost 8.7 billion electronic devices connected to the Internet, the electricity required to run the system for even one day is very substantial.According to the calculations, 50 million brake horsepower worth of electrical power is required to keep the Internet running in its current state. That’s quite a lot.



2. The Internet Weighs As Much One Strawberry

The entire internet is stored and delivered using 540 billion trillions of electrons.With some atomic physics assumptions, the billions upon billions of ‘data-in-motion’ moving electrons on the Internet add up to roughly 50 grams. That is 2 ounces which is how much one strawberry weighs.




3. 19% of married couples meet online

This makes internet the most successful method for meeting the life partner. According to a recent research 37% of single people have used some form of internet dating site. With well over a million paying members and 20,000 new members joining everyday, is the leading online dating site.



4. You Are Spending 10% of Your Life On Social Networking Sites

If you have an account on Facbook or twitter, you should know you are going to spend 10% of your life there. Which on an average would mean somewhere around 8 years of your entire life.


5. 1/3rd of Internet Searches Are For Pornography

It is estimated that 80% of all images on the Internet are of naked women. There are over 68 million daily searches for pornography in USA alone.



6. Every 60 seconds, 72 hours of Video is Uploaded on YouTube

And most of the videos are about cats, Harlem Shake dance moves, tutorials, DIY guides and inane things. Today people upload videos in the hope of it becoming viral. And YouTube’s copyright-checking software scans over 100 years of video every day.




7. Gmail Was Originally Owned By Garfield

This is a cute one. The domain was originally owned by Garfield, the cartoon cat as a part of their free email service till Google bought that domain to make it their email domain.


8. The First Webcam Was Used To Monitor a Coffee Maker

The first webcam was used at the Cambridge University computer lab for the sole purpose of monitoring a coffee maker to avoid wasted trips to an empty pot.


9. Alibaba Earns The Most

The Chinese website Alibaba, does more sales than Ebay and Amazon combined.


10. Flashback

Finally, this is how Google and Facebook looked like back in 2004.