The Top 3 Mysterious Places on Earth

Earth seems to have been fully explored. There is probably no region (on land) that humans have not had a close look at. But only 29% of the Earth is land, and out of this 29%, only 43% is actually inhabited by humans. Put the remaining 57% of land, and the 71% surface area coming in from our oceans together, and we’re left with a lot of regions we may have absolutely no idea about. Some of these regions have built considerably hype on themselves over the decades.

There are twelve geographical locations on Earth, known as Vile Vortices. These places are arranged in a specific pattern. These places are considered as sites of mysterious phenomena. Here we will discuss three Vile Vortices and why these places are so inexplicable.

South Atlantic Anomaly

The South Atlantic Anomaly, better known as the Bermuda Triangle of Space is an area on the Earth where the Van Allen radiation belt comes closest to the surface of the Earth. It is called so since, just like the Bermuda Triangle causes disappearances and malfunctioning of ships and airplanes. The zone is responsible for the same phenomena, but specific to spacecrafts. A radiation belt is a zone of highly charged particles, and the Earth possesses two such belts. A few hundred kilometers from the coast of Brazil, in the Atlantic Ocean, this area can be considered dangerous in terms of the amount of radiation present here since the belt is just 200 km above the surface.

Why does it exist?

All of us know that our planet Earth is tilted at a particular axis, which means the rotational and magnetic axis are not located at common points. The magnetic axis of the Earth is tilted at an angle of 16° from the rotational axis. But this is an approximate value, and axis is not constant. Hence, firstly, the Earth’s magnetic axis does not pass through the center of the Earth and secondly, the magnetic axis is tilted at different angles from rotational axis at North and South Pole (7° in the north and 25° in the south). Due to such differences, the magnetic field that surrounds the Earth can be considered to shaped like a huge donut.

It is the Van Allen belt that forms the rings of the magnetic field around the Earth. The Van Allen belts are a set of two, and are responsible for trapping radioactive particles coming from solar winds. At all places, the belts are located sufficiently far away from the surface of the Earth. Except at one place – where they lies just 200 km away. This place is thus a high radiation zone.


The South Atlantic Anomaly causes multiple phenomena which have inevitably led to increased interest from scientists on studying it. All the satellites we have put up in the orbit experience this anomaly whenever they pass through this region, leading to malfunctions. Therefore, an extra shield is required. Even the Hubble Telescope is unable to make any observations through this region. The high level of radiation in this zone is responsible for causing such anomalous behavior or even destruction of all objects that pass through this region.

The Bermuda Triangle


Bermuda Triangle is occasionally also referred to as the Devil’s Triangle. The term was coined by Vincent Gaddis, and it is probably called so since the place Bermuda was once known as “Isles of Devils.” Peculiar phenomena are repeatedly experienced in this area. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, it is sorrounded on its three sides by Bermuda, Miami, and Puerto Rico. There is no specific set of lines that defines the area. Numerous instances of the disappearance of ships and aircraft have been recorded in the past, and added to its hype. Not only this, many-a-times, people who crossed this region have claimed to become disoriented.

The domain around the Bermuda Triangle is one that is regarded as one of the busiest routes of ships. Hence occasional disappearances may not be surprising. From flying saucers to the Devil’s place, myriad theories have been proposed from time to time to define its existence but nothing can be stated as the truth.


The Bermuda Triangle holds on to itself various such occurrences that make it a weird place. The place is famous for causing navigational problems and disappearances of vessels that travel through that area. Going back to the past, Christopher Columbus, the very famous navigator and explorer after his voyage to the Atlantic wrote about an area of strange occurrences. He wrote about a huge ball of fire that crashed into the sea (probably a meteor). The compasses stopped working and the weather was extremely stormy.

A very famous incident is the disappearance of the USS Cyclops, also attributed to the Bermuda Triangle. It remains the largest loss that the US Navy has ever faced, and this was during peacetime. The ship was carrying manganese ore and a crew of 309 members before it disappeared without explanation. Like the USS Cyclops, there have been multiple other disappearances – that of the NC16002, SS Marine Sulphur Queen etc.


Time and again explanations have been given to justify the phenomena that occurs at the Bermuda Triangle. In the year 1975, Larry Kusche wrote a book – ‘The Bermuda Triangle Mystery: Solved’. According to Kusche, Bermuda Triangle was just an exaggerated concept, and thus he rejectted the claims of Gaddis and other writers. In his book, he writes that everything that happens in that region, like unexpected cyclones or the disappearances is the same that occur in any other section of the ocean.

Further, multiple writers have put forward their own rationalisations. Some postulate that all disappearances may be linked to the (mythical) submerged continent Atlantis. Others have coome up with UFOs and alien invasion theories. Multiple claims of UFOs sightings in the area have been reported, but of course, this may simply be bandwagoning on the Triangle’s hype.

There are other explanations too – including one of anomalies in the Earth’s magnetic field. We know that various places of the Earth that are home to some kind of magnetic anomalies, like the previously mentioned South Atlantic Anomaly. Therefore this one is a plausible explanation.

The Devil’s Sea


The Devil’s Sea, also known as the Dragon’s Triangle or Pacific Bermuda Triangle (since it lies opposite to Bermuda Triangle) is a region in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan with the Islands of Bonin on the other side. Just like the Bermuda Triangle, the disappearance of ships and aircraft is a common phenomenon in this region. Dating back to 100 BC, fables have given this place the name “Dragon’s Triangle.” It was believed that dragons resided deep inside the seas and oceans and ate whoever passed through their territory to satiate their hunger. The area has always offered such instances that it has become a place considered to be haunted by the Japanese.

Theories in Support and Effects

Numerous myths have come up ever since this place was discovered. The place is noted for paranormal activities. Ships and planes disappear unexpectedly. Some people claim to have seen ghostly appearances, including a strange lady and peculiar vessels. This is the reason why it is called the Devil’s sea (Ma-no Umi in Japanese).  It is also believed that dragons reside inside the sea. Actually, this particular part of the ocean contains many undersea volcanoes which might be responsible for such phenonemon. The Devil’s Sea zone lies in the region where the strength of the Earth’s electromagnetic fields is maximum, which might be the main reason for such phenomena in this area.

These are just three location. There are much more similar sites which show such unexplainable episodes and there might be much more which are still unexplored. What actually goes on has remained a mystery, and we don’t have an estimate on when all of it will be duly explained