Top 5 Apps to Increase Business Productivity

Running a business requires you to handle numerous tasks. Staying focused, sane, and organized through it may be a challenge for small business owners. With the use of business productivity apps, you can create a centralized place for your team. These programs allow you to save your time to pay attention to the critical aspects of your business.

Specialized business productivity apps can decrease your stress and increase your focus toward essential aspects of the business. Here are some necessary business productivity apps that can help you to track time, collaborate smoothly, schedule breaks, and keep an eye on employees.

1.    mSpy

Businesses often deal with corporate theft. Even a small business becomes the victim of these crimes. In numerous cases, employees often sell off data of their company to competitors. It is complicated to track betraying activities. For this reason, you will need the mSpy app to enhance the data security of your business.

Spy apps allow you to monitor chatting, social media activities, and improve travel practices via GPS tracking. With the help of spy software, you can monitor the itinerary and cost of travel for your staff. With this powerful tool, a company can control its travel expenses. Moreover, you can monitor chatting activities of your workers. With the use of mSpy, you can increase the security of your business data.

2. Asana

With this project management tool, you can set goals, create projects, and manage every step of business assignments. Asana allows you to set deadlines for your projects. Feel free to create different boards to change tasks, communicate with your team members, and monitor the progress of each project.

Asana combines the features of Basecamp and Trello. It offers special tools, such as team calendars or timelines. With the app, you can manage your essential tasks, and integrate it with workplace apps like Gmail, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. The free version of Asana is available with limited features. Feel free to purchase a premium version for $9.99/month.

3.    MindMeister

Sometimes, you may get vague ideas in your head. It can be difficult to understand anything from these ideas. In this situation, MindMeister can help you to arrange ideas in an understandable form. With the help of spider diagrams, decision trees, or flow charts, you can organize your thoughts and connect different ideas.

MindMeister offers mind maps to describe current projects, ideas for future product and timelines, strategies of the company, and essential thoughts. With this flexible app, you can customize the appearance of maps with different shapes, colors, and fonts. 

4.    Focus@will

Focus@will is a fantastic app to build a sound profile based on your work. With Focus@will, you can tailor productive music to increase your business productivity. It allows you to break down different ideas to approach problems. If you want to work in an open-office or public setting, it can be an ideal app. Focus@will provides a free trial for two weeks. However, you have to pay $9.95/month.

5.    Todoist

Todoist allows you to track and log your to-dos. Feel free to create a new to-do and assign it to your coworkers. You can also set a deadline for each to-do. With this visualization tool, it’s easy for you to check the progress on different projects. Todoist is ideal for to-do tracking.      

It can be a handy solution for small business. If you need a go-to solution for your business, install Basecamp on your mobile or computer. With this communication tool, it should be easy for you to manage projects and your team. It helps you to easily manage a to-do list, a schedule, message boards, and campfire chats.