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Trisha Soni is undergrad pursuing Economics in Delhi, India. Her frivolous interests range from chocolates to ice creams. But more than anything else, she prefers to spend her time sleeping, and listening to random songs on random music channels.

How often do you text, WhatsApp, chat, message your friends, co-workers and family members? And do you use emoticons to express your emotions and feelings? The effective use of emoticons enhances communication and informs the receiver of the temper, mood and tone of the sender. Textual communication carries an emotional aspect to it which can subtly affect the recipient with the appropriate use of emoticons during the conversation. Also Read: Are Aliens Watching Us? With the growing epidemic of social media and texting, this pictorial representation of facial expressions has played a significant role in communication through technology. Although they…

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All of us know Instagram – the tremendously popular photo-sharing and social media application. Even if you’re not into photography, chances are you’ve been spammed enough with filtered and edited photographs, courtesy your Instagram-ing friends. Apart from the editing and sharing, Instagram allows users to “like” or “comment” on each other’s photos. No wonder it is commonly referred to as “The Facebook of photography.” [frame src=”” link=”” target=”_self” width=”” height=”” align=”center” prettyphoto=”false”] A series of changes have happened at Instagram after it was acquired by Facebook earlier this year. The app’s new privacy policy allows it to reuse, reproduce or redistribute any image…

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