The Credibility of TeamViewer as an Alternative to RDP

It was recently confirmed by the FBI that RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is no longer as safe as previously assumed, further increasing concerns around the protocol’s vulnerability. Factors like flawed encryption, weak passwords and lack in the control access are some reasons for the fragility of RDP. In such cases, individuals and organisations are understandably searching for a safer, more reliable alternative to RDP. They’re in luck – there are many alternatives to RDP available in the market. Some of them are TeamViewer, Chrome remote desktop, AnyDesk, UltraVNC, VNC connect, etc. Amongst all these alternatives, TeamViewer is perhaps the most popiular. TeamViewer connects with the server very quickly. Unlike any other options, it also provides audio support with it, which has helped it to gain market value. 

Attributes of TeamViewer

We all know that TeamViewer is most commonly used as an RDP alternative. Qualities that make it the most used choice can be comprehended down below:

TeamViewer offers various implausible attributes that help to catapult the productivity and increase the satisfaction of the consumer. Unlike other alternatives, it helps to maintain a lifeline while an individual travels; it also reduces the travel cost that is associated with the remote team members or in-person support. Though the tool is still working on its features, some of them that attract customers are:

  • Remote device control that helps to control any Android, computer – Mac or Windows
  • Unlike others, it provides cross-platform access that helps connect PCs to PCs, mobiles to PCs, and mobiles to mobiles
  • It provides an alternative to VPN also. It is more secure than VPN
  • TeamViewer also offers mobile device access

Credibility of TeamViewer

TeamViewer offers a considerable range of reliability. There may be other RDP alternativepresent in the market, but the likelihood provided by this alternative surpasses the others as a result of which it has attracted a vast number of customers from the market. You may get to know some of them below.

Support for mobile devices: As a remote support software, TeamViewer is the only one that works both on windows and iOS mobiles. Besides, it also provides tremendous support for the Android mobiles where it helps to share the screen, transfer files, access remote control, view device information and many more. For iOS, it helps in screen sharing, push settings, file transfer and many more. For Windows, it performs screen sharing and remote control. 

IT management: TeamViewer helps organisations deliver solid IT support and enhance IT management. It increases efficiency by creating policies for individuals. It also helps to reduce costs by by centralising IT systems.

Resource Centre

TeamViewer’s resource centre provides aids to consumers in a way that makes it unique compared to RDP. Some of them are:

Knowledgebase: Under its knowledgebase, TeamViewer has different sub-topics that provide solutions for various problems that may occur while using the tool. There are separate tabs present with the sub-topics where customers can click to get the answer.

TeamViewer academy:  TeamViewer academy offers professional services for the customers. There is live support from the staff for the customers. The portfolio of this academy consists of the following features;

  • Analysing the conditions and the requirements of each customer
  • To develop the best strategy for each specific element of the individual
  • To configure the tool

Services offered by TeamViewer

TeamViewer provides various services to its customers. Unlike other alternatives, the services provided here are much more appropriate. As mentioned earlier, the tool takes very less time in getting connected; thus, it helps to provide the solution faster than any other alternatives. Some answers are mentioned below:

TeamViewer pilot: The TeamViewer pilot with its augmented reality solution assists customers in seeing through the connection of other smartphone cameras. It helps to receive support whenever it is needed. With it, customers can immediately reach a remote expert for solutions. This helps the customer to get access to an assistant wherever they are. Besides it also helps the customers to save time and money remotely.

Service camp: The service camp helps to resolve the supports request immediately in a short period. It helps to keep all communications gathered in a single place. The connections of the remote control are initiated instantly. It focuses on providing excellent service.


This post should hopefully help you comprehend why TeamViewer is selected as a popular alternative to RDP, and also to other alternatives of RDP. The attributes, credibility, services offered, and the resources TeamViewer brings to the table are fairly superior. Hope you’ve got a complete overview of TeamViewer here, and the reasons for selecting it as an alternative.