Author: Kshitij Pujari

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Kshitij pujari is an undergrad student from SRM University Chennai. He considers himself a gamer by birth and is the greatest fan of Game of Thrones and Eminem on this planet. Although his interests lie way beyond the realms of Mental Torture (read ‘studies’), he has a keen interest in Mathematics.

Pure epicness is the only word to describe Game of Thrones. DB Wiess and David Benioff have created a scintillating marvel of George RR Martins series of books ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. Never has a novel been depicted with such accuracy and astonishing cinematography as Game of Thrones. To visualize the costumes and the structures of Medieval era is mindboggling itself but to portray the characters in it is the most difficult task which both these creators have accomplished with amazing reality. Set nearly 500 years from the present, Game of thrones is the battle for the seven…

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