How To Fix The Google Play Store Error 910: A Guide

Every once in awhile, when we’re trying to install or update an app from the Play Store, we find ourselves facing an annoying error. While there are numerous errors on the Play Store that can be the cause of failed app installations, (like the Download Pending error) error 910 is one of the most commonly occurring ones. If you look online, you will find several Android users sharing their tales of annoyance stemming from the notorious Google Play Store Error 910.

What Causes The Play Store’s Error 910?

When error 910 occurs on the Google Play Store, users are greeted with a message only giving the error code and not any details about the reason. Plus, there are no details given on the support site about possible reasons for this error. Furthermore, many users have encountered this error under different circumstances, so identifying the exact cause may not be feasible. Nonetheless, based on different users’ experiences, we can outline some common scenarios, where error 910 is most likely to occur.

1. Problem With the Network: Many users, including me, have faced the Google Play error 910 due to connectivity issues between the Play Store and your network. Most occurrences of this error due to network issues have been noticed when users are connected to a wifi network. 

2. Corruption of the App Data: Sometimes the data of our apps get corrupted that can cause the app to behave inadequately. Corrupted app data also prevent the Play Store from installing or updating the app.

3. Google Play Store Cache Gone Bad: Often, we are downloading an app or game from Play Store, and the download gets interrupted due to network or some other issue. As a result, downloaded data in the cache folder becomes corrupted, making it impossible to install the app and resulting in error 910.  

4. Issues With the SD Card: Some users faced error 910 when there was some issue with their SD cards. The issue can occur due to the corrupted app data located on the SD card, or the SD card becoming inaccessible.

5. Leftover Data From Previous Installation: When we uninstall an app, there can still be some leftover data residing on the phone. If a user tries to reinstall the app again, the leftover data can sometimes be the cause of error 910.

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Possible Fixes For Play Store Error 910

There are a number of ways of solving the Play Store error 910, depending on your scenario. Before you try other methods, make sure there are no connectivity issues with the network. If bad internet is the reason for your error 910, try reconnecting to the Internet by toggling your phone’s WiFi off and on, or by rebooting your modem. Here are some other possible fixes to error 910.

Method 1: Relink Your Google Account

  1. Open your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Inside the Settings menu, look for ‘Accounts’ and open it.
  3. There should be a list of all accounts linked to your Android device. Find the entry for your Google account, and tap to open it.
  4. Here, you will see an ‘REMOVE ACCOUNT’ option. Tap on it to remove your Google account from your device.
  5. Now press the back button and return to the ‘Accounts’ screen. Scroll to the bottom and find ‘Add account’. Select this option to relink your Google account with your device.
  6. Open Play Store and try to install the app again.

Note: You can also reboot your phone before relinking your Google account.

Method 2: Clear Play Store’s Data & Cache 

  1. Open Settings app on your phone from your homescreen or launcher.
  2. Once inside, find ‘Apps & notifications’ and tap to open it. 
  3. Now, you will see a list containing all the apps installed on your phone. Scroll through this list and find Google Play Store.
  4. If the Google Play Store entry is found in the list, tap on it to see ‘App info’ menu.
  5. In the app info, you will see ‘Storage’ option. Tap to open it.
  6. Now, there should be two options – ‘Clear Data’ & ‘Clear Cache’. Tapping on the ‘Clear Data’ option will delete the Play Store data including its cache.
  7. Force close the Play Store from the ‘App info’ menu.
  8. Open Play Store and try to install the app again.
  9. If the problem persists, repeat these steps to clear the data of Google Services Framework and Google Play Services app to solve error 810.

Note: This method can also be used to clear the data & cache of other apps. All you need to do is instead of Google Play Store, in the installed apps list, look for the app that you need to clear data of. 

Method 3: Moving the App From SD Card to Internal Storage

  1. Open Settings app and navigate to Apps & notifications menu.
  2. Inside the installed apps list, scroll until you find the app you’re facing error 910 with.
  3. Once the app has been located in the list, tap on it to open the App info menu.
  4. On the App info screen find Storage option and open it.
  5. Here you will see Change storage location. Tap on it and select Internal Storage to move the app to Internal Storage.
  6. Now try to install or update the app from Play Store.

Method 4: Tweaking the Device Administrator

  1. Open Settings app on your phone and scroll to find ‘Security & location’ menu.
  2. Once ‘Security & location’ is found, open it. 
  3. Now scroll to the bottom until you see the ‘Device admin app’ menu. Tap on it to open.
  4. Now, you will be presented with a list of apps. Find an entry for Play Store and disable it. 
  5. After disabling the Play Store administrator, enable ‘Find My Device’ administrator.
  6. Open Settings app again, and find ‘System’ entry.
  7. Inside the System screen look for ‘Multiple users’ and open it. From here, select the ‘Guest’ option.
  8. Now, wait for a few seconds for Guest users to set up. Once done, repeat steps 6 and 7, only instead of selecting the ‘Guest’ option, select ‘Remove guest’ option. 
  9. Now, reboot your phone. Once you have been rebooted, go to the Play Store and try to install the app again.

Following these ideas, you should hopefully be able to solve your Play Store’s error 910. If somehow it still occurs, you can always install the desired app from a trusted third-party source. Good luck!