How to Get High-Speed Internet Connection

If you feel that your internet speed has slowed down your day-to-day tasks, there are several techniques to boost it up. Here are some of our tried and tested tips to speed up your internet connection. So, let’s get started!

High Speed Internet Connection: Table of Contents

  • How to Get High-Speed Internet Connection?
  • Take Data Caps into Consideration
  • Reposition your Router Device
  • Download a Reliable Ad-blocking Software
  • Install a More Efficient Browser
  • Properly Adjust the Router’s Antennas.
  • Bottom Line

Take Data Caps into Consideration 

Data limitations are one of the key reasons behind excessive delays in your internet speed. Most ISPs do not include data restrictions in their advertisements, which eventually ruins users’ overall internet experience.  

A data cap imposes a restriction on your monthly data consumption. You may face slow speeds, extra fees, or similar consequences if you exceed your data limit. Many people have no idea how to find out if their internet service includes data limits. One quick way to determine this is to thoroughly read through your monthly internet bill. 

If you feel that your data allowance is not enough, then reach out to your provider and ask for a plan with higher data caps or unlimited data.

Reposition your Router Device

Electronic devices and physical objects can interrupt your Wi-Fi signals from directly reaching your smartphones, laptops, or other Wi-Fi-enabled devices. This ultimately ruins your overall online experience. Hence, we would advise you to place your router at some center point of your house or at any place where you mostly use the internet.

If changing your router’s position does not resolve your issue, try resetting the router device. Make it a habit and repeat after every couple of months to re-energize your connection. If you have a standalone modem, reset it too.  

This simple trick helps in restoring your connection with your internet service provider. If you frequently experience speed issues, reset your device daily or alternatively. 

Download a Reliable Ad-blocking Software

Almost all websites and applications online include advertisements. Even if you do not mind seeing a variety of pictures, videos, and GIFs online, they affect your internet connection.  All these advertisements secretly eat your data and keep you guessing how you exceeded your data limit. 

The only way to get rid of these background ads is to block them. Just download an authentic ad-blocking app, extension, or software that will stop all these data-consuming ads from appearing on your screen.  

Install a More Efficient Browser

When you open numerous unwanted windows and tabs, these deleteriously affect your network – causing it to act slower than its actual potential. To avoid this issue, always close all the unnecessary windows and get a more efficient browser that allows you to backup or restore tabs like Opera, Google Chrome, etc. 

Properly Adjust Router’s Antennas

A router device usually comes equipped with two types of antennas: internal and external. The former ones are fixed so you cannot redirect them, but the latter ones receive and transmit signals from all directions. This means you can incline external antennas on your router device to a new position and analyze the impact on your overall internet speed. 

If your house has just one floor, align antennas in the upward and downward direction. However, if you live in a multi-story house, align one antenna horizontally and the other vertically. By doing this setting, your Wi-Fi coverage spreads evenly in your entire house.

Bottom Line

We hope that these quick and simple ways help you get a high-speed internet connection. However, if you feel that your internet speeds are too sluggish to fulfill your daily connectivity needs, subscribe to a reliable provider like internet by Mediacom customer service that offers a range of well-designed internet plans to take care of different subscriber requirements.