Which is the best way to make real backlinks for a new site?

Backlink maker will make backlinks that will improve your website ranking. These backlink generator websites have special software for making backlink automatic. The backlink submission websites track records of all the websites that can give backlink.

This method helps users to generate backlink while knowing the aspects of the website.  Backlink buildersmake these reports, and as a result of this, the provided website gets the backlink from a website. These backlink building tools are easy to use and can be used in any country and for any website. 

Thesebacklink generators should be used for higher ranking in search engines, and the backlink generated from a website must be top-level Domain. The high-quality backlink can boost the ranking of a website. The websites that are good in ranking should be picked for making backlinks.

Sometimes your competitors can play false games with you. They can build some bad backlinks of your website. In this situation, it is necessary to beat them by having some great backlinks from useful, authoritative websites. To remove the spam from your website, add some trusted links to your website as an anchor text.

Here are some best backlink generators that help you create backlinks for your site to rank them higher on google.

Rank SEO tool

Rank SEO Tool is an SEO tool that will create backlinks. That is also very easy to use even for new users. You can paste the domain name to generate backlinks for your website automatically.it creates high quality between backlinks for your website within a few minutes. 

It is a completely free tool for which you need an internet connection. You don’t need any registration or sign-ups to use this site. It is used by bloggers and writers to rank their blogs and articles at the top.

You can create backlinks through this website without worrying about any scams. It always creates backlinks on authority websites. It automatically adds your site to 100 different websites that ultimately increase its ranking on google. It also improves backlink indexing and submits your website to major search engines.

Bulk Link

 Bulk link is free to use and can provide an SEO boost to your website. It is mostly used by website owners and bloggers to rank their sites. This website cannot handle the bulk of traffic as it can only generate backlinks for five parallel users. Sometimes a website cannot make the backlinks, and in this case, you have to submit it again to create backlinks. 

All URLs that are provided to this website are carefully produced to avoid spam and bad ranking of websites. It also provides the results of links that are created in the form of PDF. As in all sites, the link takes 3-4 days to appear in Google.


This backlink maker is easy to use, and you have to paste the URL in the box and click the button. The backlinks that will be created will be no referrer and referrer backlink. You can also use this website to rank your recent post. The best of this tool is that it’s totally free.

The link will be from a high authority website, and backlinks from these websites will improve your website ranking. Spam links will hurt the google indexing of websites and can drop its rank. 

This website will naturally make all backlinks. The free backlinks from this website will be more relevant as the backlink from the same niche website will rank higher. The site will build backlinks in a few minutes, and you don’t have to make them manually. 


For Your website to rank in Google, your site requires a backlink generator to make free backlinks. Backlinks makers help the crawlers to come to your website and rank it. 

This website is trustworthy and only contains good websites for backlinks that will not spam your work. The backlink maker provides many backlinks that help websites rank higher in search engines. For a website to rank on the first page of Google, it’s necessary to have many backlinks. This website provides backlinks from high ranking sites, and all backlinks will be done naturally.

Megri tools

Megri tools website acts best as a backlinkmaker. You have to enter your website link, and this website will produce good quality backlinks for you. The free backlinks will help you rank higher in search engines, and top quality websites will create backlinks. This backlink makerwill provide do-follow backlinks and no-follow backlinks. Most of them will be no-follow backlinks, but it will not harm your website as it will be a mixture of do-follow and no-follow backlinks. 

Search Engine Reports

This backlink generator is free to use and uses the best technique for making backlinks, and this backlink maker creates high-quality backlinks, and this website uses some best link building strategies. This backlink software uses guest blogging and social media for backlinks as social media gives a positive signal for a website.


To have good traffic for the newly launched website that is owned by a small business and can advertise and spend much money on ranking can use these backlinks generator tools to rank on google. You can get free backlinks for a new site from these websites and can boost your traffic by rankings as these things are a part of off-page SEO. Some think that backlinks are obsolete now, but they are still the best way to get good results and organic traffic. They don’t only generate backlinks but improves backlink indexing of your website.

SEO is simple due to the presence of backlink generators. If you provide the best things on your website and avoid black hat SEO and other things that violate google policies, then you can rank easily on google. These websites are completely free and easy to uses for everyone. 

In this post, the tools we have covered are free and can impact your website positively for ranking on google.