Author: Shruti Tandon

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Law Student. Major Potterhead. Life is a constant tussle between finding time to Read and Sleep.

For those of you following Stanger Things as religiously as I do, or having watched Fringe, a sensory deprivation tank or floatation tank may not be something unheard of. In fact, you may have spent several slow evenings wondering if you could replicate one in your own house to channelize your (undiscovered) telekinetic powers. For those of you wondering what I am going on about, a sensory deprivation tank is a device or contraption filled with water which, simply put, cuts the person off from any external stimulation – be it light, sound or gravity. The idea of such floatation…

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Global water crises are now making themselves felt in far more apparent ways than ever before. Take the acute shortage of water that Chennai is facing currently in just one of the many early signs of an impending doomsday. In fact, as per the index prepared by the India’s NITI Aayog, almost 21 major Indian cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, and Patiala etc. will run out of groundwater. No surprise then, that the issue of water shortage and sustainability has taken centre stag, with several policies and laws being made to tackle this problem in a more effective way. Additionally, several…

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